Is Your New Website Ready to Drive Off the Lot?

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What happens when your Calgary web designer hands you the keys to your new website, metaphorically speaking?

If you're expecting new sales, or even leads, to just come pouring in because you've upgraded your web presence, then you're likely mistaken… and probably have a web design team that hasn't adequately prepared you for what's to come. That's because is to your website what fuel is to a car – the energy that keeps it driving forward instead of sitting still like a useless, expensive decoration.

In fact, the Internet marketing plan you put into place after your website is launched is probably a lot more important than the pages and layouts themselves. It's getting harder than ever to bring in visitors from search engines and other traffic sources, and it takes a lot of work and energy to turn those visitors into customers.

A good Calgary web design and Internet marketing company will lay the groundwork with things like:

  • campaigns that help you attract visitors from
  • marketing that takes advantage of Facebook and Twitter
  • that lets you reach your best customers efficiently and inexpensively
  • Pay-per-click advertising that lets you get your online store website up and running quickly

These are just the tip of the iceberg as far as Internet marketing goes. You could also use a blog, targeted landing pages, or even online videos. The point isn't to choose a particular tactic, but to make sure you're working with a partner that has a plan for after your website is launched, and is giving you more than a set of pixels no one will ever see.

For the very best in Calgary web design and Internet marketing, reach out to the team at CAYK® today!

By David A. West  Join me on Google+

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