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Marketing Strategy Development

As an agency that is powered by over 20 years of experience, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing is a disaster waiting to happen. Your business needs and deserves a comprehensive marketing strategy that is built from the ground up, both entirely faithful to your goals and build to succeed. When the marketing experts at CAYK develop your strategy, they’ll be able to answer the most pivotal questions you may have about your marketing journey.

How Am I Doing?

Every successful marketing strategy begins with a detailed assessment of your current performance. What are your major pain points? Who are you major competitors and how are you holding up against them? What marketing efforts do you currently focus on and how do you implement them? The design of your website, the traffic flowing to it, the extent of your social media presence, the effectiveness of your advertising, and your ranking in search results are just a few of the many factors that CAYK will help you examine.


Without a clear picture of your existing marketing efforts and where you want to be as a business, you won’t be able to identify the business goals that will ultimately be translated into actionable marketing goals.

They’re the essential stepping stones that every marketing strategy depends on. This, as well as identifying all of the right KPIs for keeping you on track, will be among our highest priorities when developing your strategy.

Not only will we be there for you in this evaluation and goal-setting process, we’ll also work closely with you to better understand your audience, your market, and your competitors. Everything we do for you will yield the best results when we know who you’re trying to reach, what they need, and why you’ll provide it better than everyone else. It’s not just about you understanding the marketing process, it’s about us understanding your business and its voice!

Will I Generate Enough Traffic & Leads?

With a solid blueprint made up of actionable goals, your business will accomplish many of those goals by driving more paid and organic traffic and generating leads. We’ll help you determine the right steps for bringing in leads that are not only high in quantity, but also in quality. The better you can attract the people most likely to become your customers, the more you’ll thrive.


Do you have an existing SEO strategy in place that is supported by useful and engaging content? Is your website mobile friendly and designed to provide an excellent user experience? Can you be easily contacted by form, phone, or other methods? Whether it’s monitoring your online reputation, engaging with your social networks, or executing highly relevant PPC campaigns, building a stronger client base is no easy task, but the CAYK team can help you make the right choices.

How Do I Nurture, Convert, and Retain?

Drawing traffic and leads to your business is one thing, but making them loyal customers is another entirely. We’re no less committed to helping you accomplish this goal than any other! Your ability to turn visitors into more qualified leads and even new clients will rest significantly on the strength of your landing pages, and more specifically their ability to convert. Depending on the goals we help you set, our team can guide you to identify key conversion objectives that will take your business just where you want it to go.

Creating loyal customers is also defined by what you can learn about your audience and the relationships that you cultivate. Your conversion efforts are therefore closely intertwined with analyzing and nurturing your leads. You may need to gather email addresses with contact forms and carry out personalized email campaigns, or you might require insight into visitor behaviour on your site to understand their needs and interests. We’re big fans of automating both conversions and client retention, so this will be integral to the larger strategy we develop for you.

What Will Keep My Strategy Strong?

The preliminary steps we take to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your existing marketing efforts aren’t just preliminary; they’re woven into the marketing process as an ongoing cycle. It’s not enough to simply set a goal and map a route that gets you there. It’s about consistently evaluating your performance and adjusting the route as you go. This is because every expression of your plan, whether it’s a contact form or a social media ad, requires thorough analytics, auditing, and reporting.

Developing a marketing strategy must therefore account for how your progress will be monitored and how your results will be optimized. Our expertise in this department is just as extensive as in any other, from conversion tracking and detailed technical audits to routine planning and review meetings. The more knowledge you have about what your strategy will require in this regard, the better equipped you’ll be to get the results you’re looking for. We’re here to bring that knowledge to you.

Let CAYK Develop a Winning Strategy For Your Business!