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Marketing Strategy Development

As an agency that is powered by over 29 years of experience, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing is a disaster waiting to happen. Your business needs and deserves a comprehensive marketing strategy that is built from the ground up, both entirely faithful to your goals and build to succeed. When the marketing experts at CAYK develop your strategy, they’ll be able to answer the most pivotal questions you may have about your marketing journey.

How Am I Doing?

Every successful marketing strategy begins with a detailed assessment of your current performance. What are your major pain points? Who are you major competitors and how are you holding up against them? What marketing efforts do you currently focus on and how do you implement them? The design of your website, the traffic flowing to it, the extent of your social media presence, the effectiveness of your advertising, and your ranking in search results are just a few of the many factors that CAYK will help you examine.


Without a clear picture of your existing marketing efforts and where you want to be as a business, you won’t be able to identify the business goals that will ultimately be translated into actionable marketing goals.

They’re the essential stepping stones that every marketing strategy depends on. This, as well as identifying all of the right KPIs for keeping you on track, will be among our highest priorities when developing your strategy.

Not only will we be there for you in this evaluation and goal-setting process, we’ll also work closely with you to better understand your audience, your market, and your competitors. Everything we do for you will yield the best results when we know who you’re trying to reach, what they need, and why you’ll provide it better than everyone else. It’s not just about you understanding the marketing process, it’s about us understanding your business and its voice!
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Will I Generate Enough Traffic & Leads?

With a solid blueprint made up of actionable goals, your business will accomplish many of those goals by driving more paid and organic traffic and generating leads. We’ll help you determine the right steps for bringing in leads that are not only high in quantity, but also in quality. The better you can attract the people most likely to become your customers, the more you’ll thrive.


Do you have an existing SEO strategy in place that is supported by useful and engaging content? Is your website mobile friendly and designed to provide an excellent user experience? Can you be easily contacted by form, phone, or other methods? Whether it’s monitoring your online reputation, engaging with your social networks, or executing highly relevant PPC campaigns, building a stronger client base is no easy task, but the CAYK team can help you make the right choices.

How Do I Nurture, Convert, and Retain?

Drawing traffic and leads to your business is one thing, but making them loyal customers is another entirely. We’re no less committed to helping you accomplish this goal than any other! Your ability to turn visitors into more qualified leads and even new clients will rest significantly on the strength of your landing pages, and more specifically their ability to convert. Depending on the goals we help you set, our team can guide you to identify key conversion objectives that will take your business just where you want it to go.

Creating loyal customers is also defined by what you can learn about your audience and the relationships that you cultivate. Your conversion efforts are therefore closely intertwined with analyzing and nurturing your leads. You may need to gather email addresses with contact forms and carry out personalized email campaigns, or you might require insight into visitor behaviour on your site to understand their needs and interests. We’re big fans of automating both conversions and client retention, so this will be integral to the larger strategy we develop for you.

What Will Keep My Strategy Strong?

The preliminary steps we take to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your existing marketing efforts aren’t just preliminary; they’re woven into the marketing process as an ongoing cycle. It’s not enough to simply set a goal and map a route that gets you there. It’s about consistently evaluating your performance and adjusting the route as you go. This is because every expression of your plan, whether it’s a contact form or a social media ad, requires thorough analytics, auditing, and reporting.

Developing a marketing strategy must therefore account for how your progress will be monitored and how your results will be optimized. Our expertise in this department is just as extensive as in any other, from conversion tracking and detailed technical audits to routine planning and review meetings. The more knowledge you have about what your strategy will require in this regard, the better equipped you’ll be to get the results you’re looking for. We’re here to bring that knowledge to you.

Let CAYK Develop a Winning Strategy For Your Business!

Few marketing strategies are developed with the kind of detail, passion, and diligence that we strive for here at CAYK. With comprehensive digital marketing experience and a total commitment to the businesses we serve, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. If you have questions or concerns about how to set and accomplish your marketing goals, our consultants would love to speak with you. Contact our team to get the answers you need!
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Advertising Planning

Advertising is a unique component of your marketing strategy. It requires a particular level of ongoing deliberation when it comes to budgeting. This means that simply diving into a bunch of PPC campaigns without a carefully formulated plan is more likely to burn up your ad funds than it is to get you high-quality traffic and conversions. This is one of our central areas of expertise in strategy and consulting, so we’re ready to help you come up with a truly powerful plan.

Advertising and Conversion Goals

At first it may seem that all ads share the same fundamental objective: to facilitate a conversion. This is true in the most basic sense, but it’s far from being the whole picture. In digital marketing, different ad campaigns (and even different ads) can be driven by any number of business goals and conversion objectives. You might run a PPC campaign that focuses on showcasing a new product or fostering interest from a new demographic. You may run a Google ad that leads to a landing page designed to get your leads to book appointments with you. Whatever it may be, the clearer your goals are, the more successful your advertising can be.
At CAYK, we’re committed to understanding your business goals and translating them into actionable objectives for your advertising and CRO strategies. With our comprehensive experience in digital advertising, we’ll use these goals to inform the keyword research, budgeting, ad writing, and even graphic design considerations necessary for your campaigns. This is the surest way to get the highest value and best results possible!

PPC Strategy

With almost 30 billion impressions served and almost 240 million clicks every day, Google Ads is the indisputable king of PPC. As powerful as it is, it doesn’t do all the work for you. Getting more paid traffic and converting your visitors will only be possible if you apply today’s most sophisticated PPC tools using the right strategy.
What KPIs will be most important when tracking your success? Have you cultivated enough knowledge about your audience for effective segmentation, targeting, & remarketing? Will you be able to tailor an ad to the specific stage of the purchase funnel that the target lead is in? Ads targeting keywords that show purchase intent, for instance, get 65% of clicks, so it’s as much about your keywords, relevance, and specificity as it is about how persuasive your ads are.
If you want your ads to reach the top three positions in search results (where nearly half of all search clicks go), precise planning is everything. The Google Ads Certified specialists at CAYK can help you devise a Google Ads strategy from A to Z, or consult with you on even the most specific aspects of your PPC efforts.

Social Media Advertising

Google Ads certainly isn’t the only ad platform out there, and it’s not the limit of our expertise either! Social media is instrumental to your content strategy, SEO, and online reputation, but it also happens to be a highly sophisticated advertising tool. In fact, social media platforms earned almost $27 billion US in ad revenue in 2018. Still, like Google, it must be harnessed and channeled skillfully to get the revenue you need. Facebook’s strength as a PPC platform is its granularity — you can target your audience based on interests, location, and other crucial demographic information. But this strength won’t serve your business if it isn’t leveraged properly!
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Google Ads certainly isn’t the only ad platform out there, and it’s not the limit of our expertise either! Social media is instrumental to your content strategy, SEO, and online reputation, but it also happens to be a highly sophisticated advertising tool. In fact, social media platforms earned almost $27 billion US in ad revenue in 2018. Still, like Google, it must be harnessed and channeled skillfully to get the revenue you need. Facebook’s strength as a PPC platform is its granularity — you can target your audience based on interests, location, and other crucial demographic information. But this strength won’t serve your business if it isn’t leveraged properly!
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Measuring & Maintaining Your Ad Strategy

Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to planning your ads & campaigns, but the same is true when tracking and improving them. How well is that ad helping to facilitate the conversion it’s been designed for? Is it being seen by and clicked by the right leads? Are you spending too much on keywords you don’t need? The close-knit relationship that Google Ads and Facebook have with their respective analytics tools is ideal for answering pivotal questions like these. Understanding these tools is nothing less than essential if you want to optimize your budget, be precise and effective with keywords, evaluate and boost click-through rates, and more.
For many business owners, it’s not always easy to tell why an ad or a campaign isn’t quite working, but that’s what we’re here for! The ad consulting and strategy services we offer here at CAYK encompass the entire advertising process, from the planning and implementation of the ads themselves to the continuous measurement and modification of their performance.

Plan Your Best Campaigns With CAYK

As a Google Partner with Google Ads Certified experts on staff, it’s our mission to help business owners make each of their ad campaigns entirely cost-effective, time-efficient, and growth-driven. CAYK is here to demystify every process and detail, supplying your business with the knowledge it needs to make the most of today’s advertising tools and techniques. Get in touch today and we’ll show you the way towards better ads, more customers, and more loyalty!

Analytics Consulting, Data Capture Planning, & Privacy Compliance

Digital marketing is all about having an eye for the details. Whether you’re tracking your performance, learning more about your leads, or handling sensitive data, nearly every step of every process requires skillful management of information. With in-depth consulting and strategic guidance, the team at CAYK can shed light on the many data-driven complexities of your marketing strategy. Here are a few examples to give you a sense of how we can guide you.

Get the Most from Your Analytics

Whether in the context of operating a business or marketing it, countless decisions and processes are driven by analytics. Some of them are focused more specifically on maximizing ROI, such as using Google Analytics to track and maintain your PPC campaigns and the converting strength of your marketing website. Others, meanwhile, are focused on learning about and understanding your audience. Who are they, what do they want, and how can you give it to them? How do you create stronger customer relationships that maximize retention? Whatever you want to know, intelligent analytics practices will give you the insights you need.
CAYK is equipped with decades of experience in collecting, managing, and applying marketing data. This allows us to serve our clients with tried and true advice on how to get the most from any analytics-driven process. Our team is determined to help you make better marketing decisions, develop rewarding relationships with your leads and customers, and grow as a result!
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Capture the Right Data in the Right Ways

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Before you can examine the data that’s pivotal to your marketing strategy, you’ll need to collect it, and this requires just as much skill and deliberation as any analytics process. In essence, you’re performing research, and successful research demands a sophisticated understanding of how insights are extracted, managed, and organized. The higher the quality of the information you collect, and the more effectively you collect it, the better. For this, your business will need to have expertly developed data capture plans. The effects of this will be felt at a variety of points within your marketing journey, from segmentation and targeting to your content and beyond.
We wouldn’t be where we are as a marketing agency if we didn’t know how to capture and manage crucial audience data in the right ways. Whether you have a massive audience made up of several distinct demographics or a simple set of target leads to consider, CAYK’s data capture consultants can help you enhance your insights with a new level of clarity and quality.

Comply with Today's Privacy Standards

Of course, collecting data on your leads & customers comes with responsibility. The concerns around data protection & privacy are more pressing today than they’ve ever been. As a modern entrepreneur, you know that your enterprise & its website handle & interact with vast quantities of personal data over time, whether it’s a lead’s email address or a customer’s financial information. Compliance with the federal government’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and other applicable laws is therefore essential if you want to maintain conscientious & ethical marketing practices, as every business owner should!
Adhering to privacy laws & standards has always been one of the highest priorities of our marketing team, both within the solutions we provide for businesses and in our own practices as a company. Our knowledge is always up-to-date, so when you consult with us, you can rest assured that data responsibility is fully integrated into all levels of your marketing strategy.
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Consult with CAYK for the Most Powerful Results

If you’re overwhelmed or intimidated by the technical and ethical demands of marketing data, we know it’s because you want to get the best results you can and keep your community happy. We’re right there with you! Our consulting and strategy services extend beyond the basics of marketing and advertising — they cover everything that an entrepreneur needs to forge a powerful and responsible path towards measurable growth. Contact the experts at CAYK today!

Let CAYK Develop a Winning Strategy For Your Business!

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