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Up to 30 minutes of strategy development consultation with one of CAYK’s senior marketing consultants to review your goals, objectives, and the data-capture required to measurably prove your success.

A recommendation for your organization's next steps forward, and if our organization is able to help, an invitation to meet our leadership to further explore the process towards acheiving your goals.

You Will Receive:

Expert Consultation and Guidance

A Documented Strategy to Follow

A Clear Path Towards Success

Clear Expectations For Next Steps

At CAYK, We're Different:

Month-to-month Service​

Performance Based Milestones

A Data Driven Ideology With Consistent Performance

Your Marketing is an Investment
Not an Expense

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At CAYK, We Operate Differently Than Most Agencies:

No Term-Comittments

A 12 month term accomplishes nothing when our client relationships are measured in over generations, not years.

Month-to-month Service

We’re so confident in your success that we don’t need to lock-in individual services to protect us, data-proven performance is all the protection we need

Agile Marketing Methodology

Flexibility meets agility as we implement strategies faster and adapt in less time than traditional marketing companies

Dedicated account representatives

A Writer, Designer, Project Manager, and Consultant each assigned to your project.

Marketing Department as a Service and a Fractional CMO

We fill your need for an internal marketing department, from high level leadership down to simple media buying, we act in your best interest, not our own.

Monthly Account Planning Sessions

No different than having a head of marketing, we handle the details and you benefit from an executive experience.
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