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SEO-Friendly Website: What It Is, How To Check And Make The Site SEO-Friendly

Modifying your website for search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for today’s competitive online environment. Several online experiences start with a query on Google and similar search engines. Therefore, having your website appear on the top of the search result page (SERP) has many advantages ranging from increasing your website’s organic traffic to increasing your website’s credibility. What Is An SEO-Friendly Website? Creating a website SEO-friendly means that Google and

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B2B Content Marketing Trends

You Can Still Make It: 10 B2B Content Marketing Trends In 2023

B2B content marketing is successful when it is supported by a strategy and the resources to implement that strategy. The following B2B content marketing trends in 2023 will guide you in the broad world of content so that you can exceed your marketing goals for this year. B2B Content Marketing Trends For 2023 Social media marketing will be on the rise for B2B marketers Social media platforms allow access to

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Why don’t I see my Google Ads when I search?

Why you will not always see your own ads. You want your ads to show up to the most relevant ‘searchers’ during their campaign. The natural response is to open a web browser and start doing Google searches to “check your ads”. If you do this you will decrease the quality score on your ad campaign and your ads may stop showing completely. Don’t search Google to see your own

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Weather Based Advertising

The weather has a large influence on human behaviour, including consumer purchasing behaviour. Temperature, humidity, snowfall, and, especially sunlight, or the lack of it, can affect retail sales and consumer spending, and weather based ads leverages this fact as a form of location based advertising optimization. Weather is hugely impactful with only the overall state of the economy having a larger influence on purchasing! The ability to adjust advertising campaigns

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Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

Making Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

At its core, data-driven marketing is all about using data to inform and improve marketing strategies. Such data can involve everything from tracking website traffic and social media involvement with consumers to tracking and analyzing customer behaviour and shopping preferences. By leveraging data insights, companies can improve targeting, messaging, and marketing campaign performance to ultimately drive sales. When your marketing decisions are data-driven, you have all the background information required

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Data-Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing In Today’s Business Landscape

Why does data-driven marketing matter so much? Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to have just a great idea which is what old advertising agencies relied on. Instead, companies can now apply all of the data that exists out there towards creating a marketing strategy which allows them to produce more relevant, effective, and beneficial marketing campaigns. This data is essential as it can shape what a company produces or markets

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