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Gather Data, Hypothesize, Test, and Measure

No different than the late ’90s during the start of what would later become Search Engine Optimization, we found ourselves at the forefront of a new industry with little leadership to guide us. There was palpable demand for performance when it was still unclear exactly what would drive a website to the top of the search engine results page. The only way forward was to experiment. Experimentation truly was the only path to determine what would have a positive impact for our clients.


In the 27 years since we started in business, the internet has become increasingly complex, but when you take a step back you realize that the process of pioneering today still follows the same steps as it always has. Gather Data, Hypothesize, Test, and Measure.

Analytics Agency

Marketing with Precision Means Going From Data to Decisions

CAYK is more than a marketing agency or analytics firm. With roots in custom application development, and a multifaceted history of combining technology and marketing together our experience has uniquely positioned us to help you answer your strategic, analytics, and data driven marketing questions. While we certainly take a holistic approach to the way we develop strategy for the organizations we help, we’ve also learned that our big-picture thinking must be combined with a highly refined sense of detail. This combination of big, bold marketing tactics, alongside “data first” precision, is absolutely crucial if you want to progress your organization to the next level.

Data Capture & Collection

This situation of “wide-net” data capture without recourse can make your organization even more dependant on a third party while failing to see liabilities in what is being captured on behalf of your organization. If that third party is also reporting to you their performance, then “all data with no plan” can mean giving that individual or team the ability to omit certain variables, control for certain factors, and generally manipulate their apparent performance, like “P-hacking” of academic journal publications. The development of your organization’s data capture framework should be carefully planned and agreed to by all stakeholders before new data capture initiatives are implemented. This pre-determination will serve to enable specific and intentional data capture, disallowing manipulation, and enabling insight into previously opaque business processes and initiatives.


Information gathering with strategy serves as the foundation upon which your future Data Warehouse can be built. As with the actual foundation beneath the building you are in right now, you’ll always be able to look bad and be glad that you had the correct expertise on your team from planning to development.

Near the beginning of your organization’s data maturity, there can be a need for guidance as to what possibilities exist within the data you already have access to. At the same time, there is often a deep-seated uncertainty about what data could be available that has not yet been leveraged. While it wasn’t initially apparent, CAYK’s roots in development and technical optimization had uniquely positioned us to help you continue the process of envisioning and implementing new data capture systems.


Each piece of data captured not only has to abide by pertinent Privacy (PII) & Information handling laws but should be gathered intentionally, specifically contributing towards the target business outcomes that you are striving towards. Too many organizations, particularly those within the marketing sector while directing their clients, when first “testing the waters” in the data and analytics space will capture data with a shotgun “all-data-is-useful” approach. Secondary to the fact that some data cannot legally be captured, not immediately apparent is the fact that gathering too much irrelevant data can be just as bad as not gathering enough.

Data Pipelining / ETL

Setting up infrastructure to capture new data is immediately followed by the need to centralize these future insights somewhere that they can be analyzed. Sometimes data is simply transported (pipeline), and other times it makes more sense to pre-process or structure the raw data before sending it off for storage (ETL).


It is often the case that tasks which found to be tedious, repetitive or unstimulating, will be the first ones that fail to be accomplished. Putting care towards ensuring that the flow of your data is largely automated will ensure that the ever important shuffling of your data from one place to the next isn’t something that is let to fall by the wayside.


Like all forms of automation, it takes a well-rounded and holistic understanding of the process to be automated to successfully achieve the task. Web analytics agency CAYK guides you through the technical, so you can focus on the business insights.

Analytics Agency
Analytics Agency Calgary

Leveraging Your Data

Now with structured data in hand, you’re ready to get back to business. With visibility into what is and is not working within your organization you’ve gained not just insight, but a powerful new arsenal to continue to drive towards success. With the power of historical data, you’ve set the stage to increase your organizational data sophistication from simple reporting to actual analytics.


It is the analysis that separates data from analytics. An analytical services company in Calgary is ready to do a comprehensive analysis and make all the necessary recommendations.


Leveraging newfound telemetry to diagnose, instead of review, to ask not “what happened?” but instead “why did it happen?”. These changes signify the true benefit in the use of your data. They are the beginning of the shift in your organization towards leading new trends, and increasing efficiency at every level of your organization.

Improve User Experience

At the intersection of web design and marketing, user experience is everything. If your site has an outdated design, 94% of visitors won’t trust it (source). 47% of them expect your web pages to load in two seconds or less. Falling short on mobile friendliness will make your visitors 5 times more likely to abandon what they’re doing on your site. If your contact forms or your live chat don’t work as they should, you stand to lose countless leads. Missing the updates that your CMS and plugins need can also introduce usability issues. Your use of organizational data is one of the easiest ways to identify the areas of your user-flow that are failing to be exceptional.

Analytics Agency Calgary
Analytics Agency Calgary

Abide by Privacy Legislation

A key area of differentiation that highlights CAYK’s ability to help your organization is our awareness of and adherence to local and international personal information handling and privacy rights legislation. The importance of compliance cannot be overstated, and some agencies have failed to stay up-to-date, leading to direct implications for your organization. Our Calgary web analytics agency has a lot of information about privacy policies and the handling of personal information, feel free to contact us or request a consultation and we will be happy to assist you.

Abide by Privacy Legislation

Content is the voice of your website. This is true not only about the articles you post on your blog, but also the various pages of text that tell your story and describe your products or services. Interestingly, very few organizations think to leverage their analytics to better understand which portions of their content most resonate with their target audience. To do its job properly, content needs to be more than just well-written and search-optimized.


Content should be proven to work!

Optimize Security & Privacy

Unfortunately it is true that the internet can be a bit of a shady place at times. It’s safe to assume that nearly everyone who uses the internet is at some point explicitly concerned about the security of their data. This is particularly true, if you find that you have been the victim of a data breach. With personal data leaking from organizations every day, it’s important for you to consider the importance of keeping your own organization secure to protect your own clients. Our years of road-mapping and implementing complex analytics capture systems equipped CAYK with a unique expertise. From limiting the attack surface of your existing data framework, through to guiding your organization further along the path of data sophistication, we are uniquely qualified to help your organization! If you think we may be able to help, you should consider request a consultation with a CAYK Consultant. Our analytics marketing agency in Calgary strives to ensure that from the very first interaction with our team, you get the maximum benefit and return.

Analytics Agency

Working with CAYK
You Are Given Direction Through Data

Digital Analytics Framework Development

Every single organization that chooses CAYK is given (at no cost) a custom analytics framework. From custom event tracking for conversion goal measurement, through to custom data segmentation & dimensioning, we ensure you have what you need to measure organizational success for years to come!


Have your CAYK and eat the competition too!

Developing Your Data Framework

As we often say, every component of digital marketing should be pursued with a concrete plan in place. There are few cases where this is more true than with data & analytics. That’s why developing an analytics framework is crucial to how you work with marketing data. Your framework serves as your blueprint for how to get the data you need, how to organize and examine it, and how to leverage it for decision making. Whether you need to better understand user behaviour on your website, or maximize your paid advertising return, your data framework will ensure you have the tools required to drive towards success.

What Leveraging Data Will Achieve For You

There’s no doubt that your approach to analytics—and the framework that defines that approach—will determine the success of your advertising, optimization, and marketing as a whole. By failing to leverage data, you may accidentally turn the power and precision of modern machine learning into a new form of shotgun marketing. By capturing and leveraging data which fails to correlate to the actual long term goals of your organization, you stand to teach optimization algorithms to focus on the wrong objectives. Data availability is key, and ensuring the correct data is the focus is critical. Without a predetermined objective, and the data required to measure if that goal has been met, you may find yourself feeling like you are caught holding an invoice in one hand, and nothing but uncertainty in the other.


Not all data is of equal value to your organization’s goals. Oftentimes the small subset of available data that is most valuable is not available with “out of the box” analytics tools.

You can leverage CAYK’s years of experience and expertise to make better use of the data you have access to, gain valuable data you don’t have, and in doing so, improve your organization’s data literacy. If you want to establish a long-term relationship that turns potential customers into loyal customers, one of the most important relationships to focus on first should be with our web analytics agency in Calgary.


Contact us today to speak to a marketing consultant, and we will help you towards achieving your organizational goals.


Without a firm foundation to stand on, the analytics that guide your marketing plan will struggle to hold up. Backed by over 20 years of marketing experience, the specialists at CAYK have helped organizations across the globe to measure and boost their performance with some of today’s most sophisticated analytics tools.

Custom Reporting Dashboard Development

As digital marketing experts, we can be pretty nerdy about the data behind a good strategy. It can be fun for us, but it’s much more important for you as a business owner to understand the numbers as quickly and intuitively as possible. Reporting on the progress and effectiveness of your marketing plan is one of our top priorities when optimizing both your strategy and your experience as a customer. That’s why our analytics marketing agency in Calgary will develop a customized reporting dashboard for you.

Analytics Agency Calgary

Reporting on Marketing Performance

Once you have a data strategy, and are seeing increased success, you will naturally understand the power of the programs we help our clients to deploy. While seeing is beleiving, we will lead your through our unique approach to conveying an understanding of the technical details which have been leveraged to achieve your goals. Our team can stare at the data all day, but it’s not going to bring you value unless you’re clued in on what’s happening! For this reason, one of the most important elements of any service we provide to your organization is the way in which we report success to you. It’s our responsibility to have informative answers to your questions and sound advice when you’re not sure how to proceed. By working with CAYK, in addition to questions, you will finally receive matter of fact answers as well.

From Datasets to Dashboards You Make the Decision

Before you run for the hills expecting to be confronted with a bunch of spreadsheets or worse, the expectation to learn an industry tool like Google BigQuery, we can assure you that this won’t be the case. Instead, the marketing insights that summarize your progress will be processed and made available to you in whatever form is best for you and your organization. From direct access to raw datasets, through to dynamic dashboards, we will be sure you have your own data in the form and format most likely to help you achieve your goals.

Analytics Agency

Analytics services company CAYK can help you access data, whether it’s a dashboard or a dataset – your data becomes one of your most powerful tools. Acting on analytics born from your data is a journey in itself. A first-class reporting dashboard can tell you a lot about where you are, but it will only fulfill its purpose if it helps you decide where to go next. Whatever the data shows you, it needs to be as actionable as it is revealing. So we’d be pretty irresponsible marketers if we just handed you a nice set of data visualizations and expected you to take action next. Web analytics agency in Calgary is committed to not only helping you make sense of the data, but to working closely with you to develop new goals, new priorities, and dynamic insights that will maximize the impact of your strategy.

Why Do Agencies Report on
Their Own Performance?

We don’t ask a home builder to do their own home-inspection, why then do we ask marketing agencies to give us reports on the success of the marketing programs they are running?


Sometimes reports that have been tailored to show nothing but success, omitting all opportunities for improvement?


We didn’t become one of Canada’s most trusted marketing agencies just because of our technical know-how. Our clients often choose us because we lead with transparency. From direct access to raw datasets, to our heart-on-our-sleeve approach to showing you “behind the curtain”, we ensure that you never have to question whether or not you’re being given the whole picture.


You want to see that our expertise is actually strengthening your organization, and we want you to be confident in our relationship’s honesty, transparency, and our ethics in business.


Contact analytics agency CAYK, get the results you want, and see increased success with your own eyes! The contact phone number is (403) 456-0072.

Analytics Measurement Setup & Conversion Tracking Implementation

If we were like a lot of marketing agencies out there, we’d provide your business with a marketing strategy that’s flashy on the outside and empty on the inside — content, social media, a trendy website, but no clear indication of whether or not it’s helping you grow. Thankfully, we’re not like most agencies. If you want to see the hard numbers behind what your marketing strategy is doing for your bottom line, you’ve come to the right agency. We can help!

The Power of Analytics

Businesses and marketers all over the world depend on today’s analytics tools to monitor, measure, and adjust the many components of their marketing strategies. It’s not just a trend or a novel idea, it’s fundamental to how modern marketing practices operate. 81% of marketers say that the majority of their decisions will be data-driven by 2020, and total spending on analytics is projected to reach over $100 billion US in 2019.


Why? Because it’s the industry-standard method for ensuring that you’re making the right choices and setting the right goals for your marketing strategy and your business at large. Without solid marketing data, and a framework to define your process, how will you know whether or not you’re bringing the right leads to your website, getting your money’s worth from Google Ads, or developing strong relationships with your leads and customers?


Working without analytics is, quite frankly, working in the dark. We know that as an accomplished business owner, you don’t operate your enterprise on hunches and whims. When you have CAYK by your side, the power of analytics will be in the palm of your hand.

So Many Tools, So Little Time

Analytics is a diverse and multifaceted field within marketing and can take many different forms. A 2015 survey found customer acquisition, marketing mix, and customer retention are the top three applications of marketing analytics for companies. Yet, today’s analytics tools can be far more specific than these broad categories would suggest. Whether you’re evaluating your social media strategy, PPC campaigns, or your website, anything that needs to be measured has an analytics tool designed to measure it. This can make it overwhelming to know what you need.

Not all businesses need a vast and elaborate arsenal of analytics software to maintain and refine their strategies. Depending on the scale and goals of your company, a basic analytics setup will allow you to handle all of the most essential metrics. Google Analytics, for instance, will tell you how much traffic is flowing to your website, where those visitors are coming from, how much time they spend on a page before leaving, and more. These insights alone can reveal a lot about the effectiveness of your content, landing pages, & SEO, just to name a few.


CAYK can provide your business with an analytics setup that is simultaneously detailed, thorough, and straightforward. This will give you a clear vantage point over the most important insights for your business, allowing you to direct your strategy with more precision than ever.

Tracking Conversion

Tracking Conversion

You want your potential leads to carry out specific actions, whether it’s filling out a form, giving you a call, or making an online purchase. How effective are your marketing efforts when it comes to facilitating these conversions? Are they pulling their weight to bring you closer to your conversion goals? This is the beauty of conversion tracking. It gives you the knowledge you need to evaluate conversion rates and formulate actionable steps for improving them.


Our experience has taught us that this is nothing less than indispensable, so to complement your analytics setup, we’ll implement powerful conversion tracking system for a more complete solution. It’s the perfect combination for getting a clear picture of how your strategy is paying off.

A Smarter, More Profitable, and Easier to Understand Marketing Strategy Begins with a
Powerful Data Capture Framework with CAYK

As important as analytics are for any marketing plan, we know that every business owner has a considerable set of responsibilities to meet on a day-to-day basis. You don’t have to compromise your focus on your business to get the most value from your marketing data, and you don’t have to miss out on your marketing data to run your business! The reporting and analytics experts at CAYK are here to set you up for success, so contact us to get started today.

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Questions & Answers

What distinguishes an analytics agency from a traditional marketing agency?

An analytics agency specializes in measuring and interpreting data to optimize marketing strategies, unlike traditional marketing agencies that may focus more broadly on creative aspects of marketing without a strong emphasis on data analysis.

By utilizing data analytics, such agencies identify trends, measure campaign effectiveness, and provide insights that help businesses optimize their marketing efforts for better engagement and higher returns on investment.

A web analytics agency focuses on tracking and analyzing website traffic and user behavior to improve website performance, enhance user experience, and increase conversion rates.

Businesses gain valuable insights into customer behavior, more accurate performance metrics, and actionable recommendations, which can lead to improved decision-making and increased operational efficiency.

An analytics agency typically works closely with a company’s marketing team to align data-driven insights with marketing goals, ensuring strategies are based on empirical data and are aimed at achieving specific business outcomes.

What challenges do businesses face without the insights provided by an analytics agency?

Without the insights from an analytics agency, businesses may struggle with undirected marketing strategies, inefficient spending, and missed opportunities for optimization, leading to poorer performance and lower ROI.

Analytics services companies use data to refine targeting, optimize ad spend, and enhance campaign strategies, ensuring that digital advertising efforts are both cost-effective and impactful.

Common tools include web analytics platforms like Google Analytics, CRM systems, data management platforms, and advanced data visualization software to collect and analyze data comprehensively.

Agencies adhere to strict data privacy regulations such as GDPR, ensuring that all data collection and processing is lawful, transparent, and secure, maintaining trust and integrity in data handling.

Companies should stay informed about the rise of predictive analytics, machine learning applications in data analysis, and the increasing importance of data integration across multiple platforms for more comprehensive insights.

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