Revenue Adjacent Marketing

When marketing works, astute leaders invest more into their marketing. This feedback-loop for success is at the heart of our agency’s success. Our programs work, our client’s surpass their targets, and marketing investments increase.

CAYK’s digital marketing agency stands out from the crowd. We are only successful as an agency when our clients are successful. We strive to help you increase your revenue, which increases our revenue in turn. We refer to this as revenue-adjacent marketing. We are true partners in your success.

Revenue Adjacent Marketing

What is Revenue-Adjacent Marketing?

Revenue adjacent marketing is based on the belief that when a client is successful, the assisting digital advertising agency is successful; when an organization makes money, the agency makes money. This strategy is unique in that long-term relationships and strategies aren’t contingent on a long-term contract. Clients work with CAYK Marketing because they want to, not because they have to. This encourages us to be efficient and effective, to get the best results possible for our clients. The partnership between our agency and our client-partners is based on great relationships—no term-commitment, no long contract, no hidden fees. Just confidence and intrinsic trust in marketing.

What Are the Benefits of Revenue-Adjacent Marketing?

There are a number of sound reasons for choosing a digital marketing agency that practices CAYK’s revenue-adjacent marketing process. 


Since there are no term contracts, our clients have the freedom and flexibility to cancel or pause services for any reason. They can request a change of tactics and/or goals, anytime. There is no long-term contract based on predetermined tactics to achieve pre-set outcomes. Similarly, when we see an opportunity together we can quickly shift to take advantage.

Proof of Strategy Impact

The ability to quickly pivot individual tactics without renegotiating a contract allows us to test many different tactices to discover which strategy works best for your organization. No need to invest in a long-term plan that you may discover is unsuccessful. Revised approaches are quickly implemented. Flexibility directly leads to a wider range of testing and experimentation.

Acheiving your goals is only the first step

As your goals are acheived, not only does you trust in our Revenue Adjacent Marketing process increase, but your path to even greater success becomes clear. As your goals are achieved, the obvious next step is to move the goal-posts further. Grow faster, open that new location, or dominate a new market, no matter the goal, there is a next step to focus on and our experience will help guide your journey.

Increased incentive

With a long-term contract the traditional agency-client model lacks the incentive to perform quickly and efficiently, allowing for complacency. You may find your needs deprioritized in favour of higher-paying and/or newer clients. You may have experienced this with a traditional agency in the past. An initial phase of innovation, a long and quite period, and then a reporting phase to try to rebuild lost confidence. With CAYK, customer service becomes the priority and every client, regardless of size, gets the attention they deserve.


Transparency in marketing is centered around openness and honesty when communicating. CAYK's Revenue Adjacent Marketing process enforces this transparency by aligning the interests of our agency with your organization. Our agency's success is directly linked to your organization's success. Alongside our focus on a data-first approach, transparency becomes critial to ensuring you remain confident in the recommendations we make for your organization.

Data-driven marketing

In order to solidify our relationship with our clients, we employ data-driven marketing. Data-driven marketing is the process by which marketers use data to gain insights into customer needs, desires, motivations and behaviours, then use these insights to create personalized marketing strategies aimed at the highest possible return on investment (ROI). This approach helps grow your business and free your time.

At CAYK, we make the process of choosing to work with us or choosing to end the relationship as seamless as possible. Contact CAYK to learn more about our revenue-adjacent marketing practices and how we can help your business develop stronger digital marketing strategies. Call us at (403) 456-0072 or request a marketing proposal. Allow us to be your very own marketing department! Connect with our tightly-knit team of knowledgeable digital-first consultants, eager to help your business grow.

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