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For reputable brands all over the world, social media has become just as integral to marketing as advertising. However, it’s not just big companies that benefit from its capabilities. Businesses of all types and sizes need to tap into this incredibly valuable resource if they want to reach their potential when it comes to traffic, conversions, and respectability. By combining social media with your content and more, CAYK will help you get the most from your social networks!

Get the Best Results

Social media didn’t start out as a sophisticated and versatile marketing tool, but over the years it’s become exactly that for countless businesses and entrepreneurs. Running a good business and providing a good service or product depends on strong connections with the people around you. With our approach to social media, CAYK can help you build better and more meaningful connections with your leads and customers.


What better way to forge and nurture those connections than platforms like Facebook, with over two billion active users? Or Twitter, with over three hundred million?

This kind of usership, combined with a highly engaging, visual interface and top-notch PPC features, make social media one of the most effective marketing tools for 73% of marketers. Since more than half of social media users browse platforms to research products, it’s more than just a place to share memes. It’s a vibrant ecosystem of leads ready to be engaged with by your brand.


Social media is also a highly important piece of the overall clockwork that makes up your marketing strategy. Social media advertising drives more high-quality paid traffic to your site, the information in your profiles supports your local SEO efforts, and more. In fact, one of our favourite uses of social media combines it elegantly with your content strategy…

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