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Attribution Marketing:
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Measure Marketing Revenue, Not Ad Impressions

Marketing is Only Provably Impactful When Both Measured and Verified

Have your clients come to you when they are in their “moment of need” for your services

Advertising plays an integral role in how you present your business to the world.

In the internet age, generating leads is about far more than putting out a few ads.

For reputable brands all over the world, social media has become just as integral to marketing as advertising

Marketing Solutions

This is one of the most definitive evolutions in modern commerce.

A digital marketing agency means marketing experts on your team.

In a world of ML and AI, we choose to embrace the use of Data.

What We Represent

An analytics-focused digital marketing agency that will grow your business, free your time and use data to prove that you have been successful. At CAYK our unique capacity is the use of our data and analytics to forecast outcomes and leverage machine-learning technologies to help our clients outperform their competitors in every market. We specialize in the use of a calculated and measurable approach to the progression of your marketing strategy; an approach to marketing that minimizes your organizational risk while reaffirming our reputation for consistent success.


As a multi-generational marketing and advertising agency, we are not a marketing agency born of opportunity in an already flourishing digital marketing era, we are a marketing team that started helping businesses in local markets in 1994 and a marketing agency that has honed our craft for decades while growing alongside our client’s success. You already know and believe in our ideology, that investing where you’ve seen the greatest return has a strong business case and is an obvious next step. We’ve scaled our agency around this mutual understanding, that our ability to measurably achieve your goals means that you will naturally want to grow with our agency. Our ability to achieve your goals is unparalleled, and our own growth is the greatest proof of that fact.


We believe that helping you to achieve success is the only true pathway to our success and as a result, we prioritize above all else the opportunity to form a long-term relationship with the organizations we choose to partner with. From the smallest do-good organizations to the largest of multi-nationals, we only work with the organizations that we are certain of our ability to achieve success.


Family-owned and operated over generations, our reputation is important to us. We choose never to risk that reputation by operating without ethics in marketing, or by allowing you to invest in our services if we are not confident in our ability to achieve your goals. There is a difference between providing you with marketing services and achieving your goals, a difference that most organizations have unfortunately had to learn the hard way. By embracing this difference and only providing marketing services when we are confident we can achieve your goals we minimize your risk in choosing to partner with our marketing agency and we ensure that our track record for success can continue to build the reputation for which we are known.


What do we represent? We represent your opportunity for a true partner. We represent your opportunity to achieve success without wasting years filled with uncertainty, fear, and empty guarantees. We represent the belief that your success is the only meaningful measure of our success, and we’ve been measuring our success alongside our clients success for three decades and counting.

Which Marketing Solutions Are Right For Your Organization?

Who We've Helped

At CAYK, we’re a marketing company that is truly passionate about helping you to achieve your goals.
Our solutions will help empower your organization to take control of your performance data and our data-first methodology enables our connection directly to revenue return. Together, we measurably achieve the goals you’ve set for your organization and set for yourself. From Social Media Advertising, SEM, Content Creation, SEO, and all the way through to Fractional CMO Services, we always lead with ensuring the data required to prove success is accessible. Below are four examples of past projects in which we not only met but exceeded the key performance indicators agreed to prior to starting each project, as is always our goal.

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Request a free strategy session and you will be immediately connected with a Google Certified marketing consultant. You’ll be under no obligation and there is no cost to you. Our marketing firm recognizes that your time is valuable and we will strive to provide you with as much value as possible in return for your time. We are extremely willing to offer guidance that is specifically in your best interest, not ours, and do not believe in withholding recommendations for any reason, as this is true to our belief in fostering an Intrinsic Trust in Marketing between us and our client-partner organizations.

Request a meeting, strategy or consultation now. It’s free, it’s no obligation, and you will absolutely receive value in exchange for a few moments of your time.

Our Power is in Our People


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At the heart of every marketing agency are its people. From the designers behind the creative work you see and hear, through to those with technical marketing capacity in advertising, search engine optimization, or data systems management, each portion of an agency’s team together represents the capacity an agency has to deliver its services. From the highest of strategic decisions down to the smallest of helpdesk tasks each team member plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of service that than agency delivers.


At CAYK, we believe that the outcome is what truly matters. The outcome of the services we deliver, the outcome of the strategies we recommend, and the outcome of the careers of the individuals we work with. It is with a focus on the outcome that we choose to operate with a culture of radical transparency. We operate as leaders with one another to decide on the strategy with the most performant outcome, for our clients, our team, and every organization we help.

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CAYK Operations Staff are Individually Google Certified