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You found us searching for a solution to help you get more business. You might have even searched ‘marketing agency near me’. Getting found is the service we provide. We want to help you be found when your next potential client is searching. Companies JUST LIKE YOURS have been relying on the CAYK Marketing team to position themselves for colossal online success since 2011.

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CAYK Marketing Calgary

CAYK Marketing Calgary

Inbound Marketing

Want to have your CAYK® and eat your competition, too?

We are a full-service, inbound Marketing Agency located in Calgary, and we have one goal: to help your company find customers online. From social to search engine, our holistic marketing strategy covers every inch of the internet as we guide consumers away from your competitors and to your website. At CAYK®, you’ll find a complementary synthesis of organic, inbound marketing techniques and paid traffic drivers. Our in-house team is AdWords Certified; our company’s a Google Partner. Our professional writers, located across Canada, will help craft dynamic content that has your website moving through Google’s Rankings fast.

Using a blend of classic marketing tactics with cutting-edge search, content, and social tools, the team at CAYK® can help you reach prospects and turn them into buyers. Start growing your business today.


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Inbound Traffic Drivers

When your customers search the internet for the goods and services you offer, you need them to find your business. Our Calgary marketers are here to make sure your website is visible and easy to find.[…]

Paid Traffic Drivers

Google has a brand value of $132.1 Billion dollars. It generates income almost exclusively from advertising, and with Google Adwords, they don’t get paid if your customers don’t click your ads. $132.1 Billion is A LOT of clicked ads. […]

Analysis, Reporting, Optimization

Your marketing strategy is only as good as its results. We schedule quarterly reviews with our clients to look over a careful analysis of your website’s organic search traffic, paid traffic, and more. Request a full report at any time.[…]


Through dynamic content, like monthly articles and social media, you’ve built your website’s reputation as a thought leader for your industry. In turn, Google has likely rewarded your business with higher rankings for your industry’s key search terms. MA/CRO continues the good work you’ve begun by adding initiatives to your inbound marketing efforts. Think of initiatives as valuable resources that are used to educate and inform people about your industry. […]


You invest substantial resources into closing each deal with a new client. MA/CRO helps to automate the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance every client needs to remain appreciative of your business and services. Through automated emails, you can reach out and maintain important client relationships. This will help your clients feel informed about how your business has already served them and will continue to do so in the future. […]


Whether your business needs to regularly confirm appointments, schedule periodic meetings, or has another common operations task, your business can benefit from automating many simple internal business processes, preventing small — but important — processes from being forgotten. Automating internal business processes helps to save your business time and keep both your team and your clients on the same schedule. […]

Marketing Automation software solutions

MA/CRO is the team of service providers who make marketing automation work, but behind our team are a variety of softwares that offer different solutions and capabilities for a range of budgets. Marketing automation software is as integral to MA/CRO as search engines are to SEO, but remember that software isn’t service. Anyone can purchase software, it takes our expert professionals to implement these powerful technologies and grow your business. […]

CAYK Marketing Calgary

Marketing Automation Implementation Program – MA/CRO

Take your digital marketing to the next level with integrated Marketing Automation (MA) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Introducing MA/CRO, CAYK Marketing®’s powerful methodology to generating stronger qualified leads for your business. MA/CRO establishes campaign initiatives, driver campaigns, and engagement flows relevant to your potential clients at differing stages in their decision-making process. Together, marketing automation and conversion rate optimization work to direct more, stronger leads to you website, convert those leads into clients, and retain the customers you already work with.

Our marketing automation experts can help you harness the power of MA/CRO to automate inbound marketing, internal business processes, and client retention.

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CAYK Marketing Calgary

Growth Driven Development

If your website isn’t the central hub of your marketing strategy, you need our help!

Since the dawn of residential internet back in the 90s, CAYK®’s founder, David A. West, has been creating marketing websites for businesses. We’re proud to say that many of those companies are still our clients today. However, much has changed since the 90s. Doing business in Calgary without a website is no longer an option, and consumers expect significantly more. If your business needs a new marketing website with intuitive design, engaging content, and great conversion points, you’ve come to the right place.

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Custom Website Design and Development

At the centre of your online marketing strategy is your website. Your search engine optimization (SEO), your paid advertisement, your monthly articles, and you social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, and more all serve a single purpose — to help drive more potential customers to your marketing website. Once they’ve landed, your website’s intuitive design and smart content transform them from visitor into customer.

Our Calgary Marketing Agency works with you to craft your business’s marketing website, so that it can offer customers the information they need about your brand, products, and services. We create beautiful, easy to navigate designs, so your customers never feel lost as they learn more about your business or prepare to contact you. […]

Focused High Conversion Landing Page Development

Whether your business is launching a new product or service, has written an informative whitepaper for customers to download, or wants to feature a contest or huge sale, we can help. Focused, high conversion landing pages operate like single-page mini websites, or micro-sites. These landing pages are designed to be extremely specific. They are created with a particular audience in mind, and only the most relevant traffic is driven towards the landing page.

Micro-sites won’t have a menu, and they won’t facilitate your potential customers exploring your brand — that’s not their job. Your full marketing website educates visitors about your business and your complete arsenal of available services and products; a focused, high conversion landing page informs and converts visitor around just one, central idea. […]


Your business relies on its marketing website. When something breaks or you need new content or design-work for a new service or product, you need to know your Marketing Agency is available to get the job done. Businesses aren’t static, and most of our clients regularly require updates to their marketing website. That’s why we created CAYK® Care.

We offer four monthly maintenance plans to give you access to the right level of monthly service for your business at the right budget. Feel confident knowing all the basics are covered: time set aside each month for any design, maintenance, or general support your business needs, guaranteed within 1 business day response time, and monthly plugin and wordpress updates, or enjoy a luxurious, premium plan that includes all that, and everything and anything else your website might need. […]

CAYK Communications

CAYK® Communications is all about helping your business stay in contact and connected with your customers. Services like LiveChat and Inbound Calling ensure that, when your clients are in a moment of need, someone is always available to answer their questions and help them feel confident choosing your business. Complementary to these services is Reviews+ which builds on your online reputation. Our customer service experts reach out to your satisfied customers and invite them to leave positive reviews for your business online. This builds your credibility with new, potential customers as they try to determine whether your business is right for them.

If establishing great lines of communication with your potential customers is a priority for your business, we can help[…]

CAYK Marketing Calgary

Your Virtual Marketing Department

We think of websites as amorphous entities, but we should think of them as valuable, material assets. Like a car, your website needs to be maintained, upgraded, and repaired as it ages. External forces, like updates to the internet, damage websites. Our CAYK® Care team keeps your marketing website up and running on all browsers.

When buying a car, there are key features you can’t do without; websites are the same. CAYK® Communication services, like LiveChat, Inbound Calling, and Reviews+, make your website shine for your potential customers. Livechat connects website visitors to an agent who has the answers they need; inbound calling ensures someone always answers your phones. Finally, Reviews+ grooms happy clients to praise your business online, so there are many, great testimonials available to win the trust of new leads.

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CAYK Marketing Calgary

Our Calgary Team

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CAYK Marketing Calgary

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