Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022

Social Media Marketing Trends 2022
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Don’t have time to read? Email me this article

The digital marketing landscape changes constantly. If you want to reach your audience, it's important to let go of outdated or ineffective approaches. What worked for your digital marketing strategy in the past may no longer be a productive use of your time and money. The following is a list of social media marketing trends for 2022.

  • Micro-influencer Marketing: Micro-influencers are people who have between 1,000 to 100,000 followers. They focus on a specific/niche area and are generally regarded as an industry expert or topic specialist. They often have stronger relationships than a typical influencer as well as high interaction and engagement rates. Find a micro-influencer that is prominent in your field. 
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI-powered tools augment trends across social media. They help you determine what to post for maximum effectiveness and where to post it, recommend keywords that can optimize organic search results, assist in influencer identification and predict what customers are likely to buy.
  • Agile Marketing is a type of tactical marketing that uses data/analytics to find solutions to problems and identify opportunities using elements such as reviews, questionnaires, games, quizzes, interactive videos, surveys and contests. It allows your business to integrate content marketing and social media sharing.
  • Voice Search: In 2022, voice search will bring changes to social media marketing. There is a move toward complete voice control on social media platforms. This would allow users to access social media accounts through voice search, listen to dictated messages and reply to comments left on their site. Voice search will become as beneficial as any other search engine marketing technique.
  • Live Streams & Stories will continue in 2022 and gain in popularity. They allow Instagram and Facebook customers to engage with exclusive, short-lived content, making it attractive to your followers.
  • Short Video Content dominates social media marketing in 2022. Try 30-second videos on TiK Tock and Instagram Reels. 
  • Social Media Shopping Platforms: Social media platforms are an increasingly popular shopping outlet. They make it simple for consumers to follow through from product discovery to purchase, removing the potential for uncertainty and abandonment because it takes fewer clicks to get to the product and allows less space to change their minds.
  • Facebook: With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook is still the biggest social network worldwide. It reaches 59% of the world's social networking population and continues to dominate social media marketing. Utilize it!
  • Bite-sized content: The average attention span is 8 seconds! Social media sites offer your company the opportunity to provide short-term video and ephemeral (disappearing content) to capture the attention of users. 
  • User-Generated Content: Brands that incorporate user-generated content (UGC) have a 20% increase in return visitors and a 90% increase in the time that consumers spend on their website. If you're looking to increase conversions, UGC may be the answer. 
  • Augmented Reality: Searches for the keyword “social media AR” are up by 81% over the past 5 years. Augmented reality (software applications that merge digital visual and audio content into the user's real-world environment) is set to become more mainstream. 

Start your 2022 social media marketing strategy with these marketing trends. Be responsive! Allocate sufficient resources. Be aware of the trends and use them to stay ahead of your competition.

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