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3 Major Online Marketing Predictions for 2013

This is the time of year when all of us – and especially business web design and Internet marketing professionals – look ahead to a fresh 12 months and wonder what they will bring. Some of our thoughts and ideas will be spot on, while others will turn out to be misguided in hindsight. Today, we’ll try to get past the wild guesses and get down to what you need

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4 Reasons to Make the Switch to an Agile Marketing Plan

If you have been following our blog lately, or spoken with a member of our team, then you already know we’ve become big fans of agile marketing, which is focused on results instead of activities. But, if you still aren’t convinced it’s time to have a conversation about it, here are four good reasons every Calgary company should consider making the switch to agile marketing today: 1. Agile marketing makes

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One Hidden Benefit of Agile Marketing

Lately, we have started introducing an agile marketing philosophy into the way we handle Internet marketing for our Calgary clients. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, it basically refers to the practice of taking available resources (usually time and money) and devoting them towards a specific marketing goal, rather than a set list of ideas or activities. This turns out to be a great thing for clients, since it

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The Biggest Problem With Online Marketing Plans… and How Agile Marketing Fixes It

There are literally dozens of different reasons that an Internet marketing plan could fall short of expectations. In working with different organizations throughout Calgary over the years, however, we have noticed that there is one single limitation that can be especially crippling: Even the best online marketing plans become outdated quickly. That isn’t to say that web designers, advertising agencies, or even clients are doing things incorrectly. It’s just the

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Is Agile Marketing Really a New Thing… or Just a New Name?

If you’ve spoken to us lately, you’ve probably learned that CAYK® is embracing a new philosophy called “agile marketing.” Although we could talk about it all day long, the essential idea is that, instead of a list of marketing activities to be completed and checked off, agile marketing instead focuses on specific outcomes and priorities that shift on a regular basis. Since marketing concepts come and go pretty frequently, it’s

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The Three Things Business Owners Keep Trying… and That Search Engines Keep Punishing

When search engine optimization first started being a viable widespread marketing tool, it had a “Wild West” feel to it. Everything was about content and links – the main tools that search engines use to understand websites and rank them – to the point that maximizing each was the name of the game. Since then, however, the search engines have gotten a lot smarter. They’ve noticed that a certain percentage

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