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The Three Things Business Owners Keep Trying… and That Search Engines Keep Punishing

When search engine optimization first started being a viable widespread marketing tool, it had a “Wild West” feel to it. Everything was about content and links – the main tools that search engines use to understand websites and rank them – to the point that maximizing each was the name of the game. Since then, however, the search engines have gotten a lot smarter. They’ve noticed that a certain percentage

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Why the End of Google Places is the Beginning of a New Opportunity for Marketers

In recent months, we have been advising our clients to take full advantage of Google Places, which had largely supplanted the Yellow Pages as the number one resource for customers looking to find local businesses to shop at and buy from. By incorporating maps, websites, reviews, and contact information all in one place – and on the world’s most popular search engine, no less – it was quickly becoming one

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Should Sex Offenders Be Allowed On Facebook?

Josh Wolford wrote an article over at WebPro News the question, “Should Sex Offenders Be Allowed on Facebook” Josh wrote, “People convicted of sex crimes + a giant network of hundreds of millions of teens as young as 13 (officially) = obvious disaster. Any parent or even non-parent can see how the anonymity and broad reach of social networking form a dangerous playground for kids.” Read the full article here.

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Search Engine Optimization: Too Much of a Good Thing Really Can Hurt You

We’ve always thought that going too far with search engine optimization was a bad idea – especially since it can hurt your conversion rates and the profitability of your business website – but now it turns out that it might not even work. In fact, Matt Cutts (Google’s Spam Chief) recently let it slip in an interview that the next change to Google’s algorithm may actually be designed to punish

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Will Google Play Have You Whistling a New Tune?

If there is one thing you can say for the executives and developers over at Google, it’s that they aren’t afraid of a challenge. Even staring at the dominance that Apple has shown in recent years through the iPod and iTunes store combination, the company has gone forward with a full-fledged effort to win your digital music business. But is what they’ve come up with, Google Play, worth your time

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One Important Factor in Generating Web Leads

The advantage of putting together a successful online marketing and search engine optimization campaign is that your business website can deliver new leads, sales, and inquiries to you every hour of the day, every day of the week. There is a downside, however, beyond the investment of time and money it takes to get to that point: that your business website can deliver new leads, sales, and increased revenue every

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