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Does Inbound Marketing Mean the End of Real-World Relationships?

Whether you’ve thought about it yourself or you’ve heard others say it, it’s common for people to see certain web-based innovations as bringing an end to personal, human relationships. This is most often said of social media, but for some, it may also be a concern with inbound marketing.

What’s the Issue?

When reflecting on older approaches to marketing, it’s easy for some business owners and professionals to look back with rose-tinted glasses. The more traditionally-minded among them may view digital marketing as indicative of a larger dependency on the virtual world. Review sites appear to mean the end of word-of-mouth recommendation, Google searches seem to threaten the value of firsthand experience, and social media spells the demise of real-life community-building. Since these are just a few ingredients of inbound marketing, does this mean that inbound marketing is an “anti-human” way to grow your business?

The Fact of the Matter

The short answer is absolutely not, and in fact quite the contrary. Inbound marketing practices have, in part, developed out of an increased demand for more dynamic, personal engagement between brands and their communities. It’s about fostering a two-way relationship that offers audiences a more substantial and genuinely rewarding experience, going beyond a given company’s products or services in and of themselves. Because these principles are at the heart of inbound marketing, this philosophy incentivizes businesses to get creative about how they interact with the people around them.

Your Strategy

When your business embraces inbound marketing, you will be more equipped than ever to establish an enriching presence in the lives of your potential and established clients. The more diverse this presence is, the more reasons your leads will have to come to you. Attend community events to spread the word about what you do, post photos on social media with happy clients at your headquarters, and create content that will get people talking both online and offline about your expertise. The ideal inbound strategy is one that combines the strength of web-based tools with the timeless importance of community-building and human relationships!

The work we do with our clients is all the proof you need that inbound marketing and real-world relationships can thrive together as part of one powerful marketing philosophy. Give the CAYK team a call at (403) 456-0072 today, we’d love to bring you closer than ever to your audience!

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Get Better Digital Marketing Results with Less Effort

A common complaint we hear from clients planning new marketing campaigns is how they don’t have enough time to accurately produce their vision. This is a problem because it often leads to shortcuts and scheduling conflicts. However, there is a new force within the marketing industry that provides a superior alternative to this method. That force is digital marketing agencies, and they deliver high quality, customized strategies for all of their clients. How do they accomplish such a grand task?

The first way is perhaps the most obvious. It’s what they do as a profession! So a client’s time isn’t spent clarifying what they want, directing staff to specific parts of the project, or struggling to meet deadlines. Instead, the time commitment is only a couple of meetings at the beginning of the marketing strategy, and after these are concluded the digital marketing agencies team of professionals gets to work crafting a strategy that works for your business. As the project moves along, regular updates and reports help to keep client informed of the status. This helps the client do what they do best, while providing enough information to allow them to feel confident that their money is being well-spent.

However, the benefits are not all so obvious. Digital marketing agencies also have the advantage of not being limited to a single individual trying to accomplish everything prior to the strategy launch. Digital marketing agencies offer a wide variety of skill sets from developing and programming to writing, designing and editing. This helps to craft a holistic strategy that has expert knowledge ingrained at every step.

“Expert knowledge is ingrained at every step.” This is the greatest benefit of utilizing a digital marketing agency. With years of experience in traditional marketing and a continuing expansion of knowledge into the best techniques for online content they are able to offer advice in many areas. Knowledge about the latest trends in Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Automation, Google Adwords, analytics, and more helps you keep your brand at the top of the search results.

Not only do clients receive the benefits of social media management, marketing automation, and a Google Partner Agency, but they also receive the benefits of the latest design trends, cutting edge website programming standards, and professionally written copy. All of these features ensure that every client gets a powerful campaign that doesn’t require them to watch over someone’s shoulder. The process is streamlined to make sure that clients can focus on what is important, and rest easy knowing that their website is working for them not against them. All of this, and in many cases, for less than hiring a minimum wage in-house employee.

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Say Thanks to Your Clients Over the Holidays

Despite what many might assume, modern marketing isn’t just about stuff like analytics and content. It’s also about connecting with your clients in a genuine and meaningful way. The holidays are perfect time for this!

Why It’s Important

You’ve probably heard people say that things like social media are detracting from real-life interactions and relationships between people. Oddly enough, the opposite tends to be true. For example, when using these forms of communication for marketing your business, you’re able to directly and instantaneously connect with people who you may not have been able to otherwise. Then, when you meet members of your community in person, you’ve already established some form of rapport. Relating to your audience on a fun and personal level during the holidays is therefore a great way to bridge the gap between your online community and your real-world community.

A Few Ideas

Making special limited-time offers is commonplace and useful, but it’s not advisable to rely on this as your only approach. One tried-and-true method is to send out greeting cards. These can be paper greeting cards by mail or a holiday-themed mailout. Either way, it should be a fun, seasonally-themed display of appreciation for their business and enthusiasm for the future. This can be accompanied with social media posts wishing everyone happy holidays. Don’t forget that no holiday post is truly complete without great photos of your staff in the workplace, especially if you’ve decorated it for the season!

Going the Extra Mile

Engaging with your clients may be a more prominent prerogative during holidays, but it should be something that you and your company have in mind year-round. You’d be surprised by how many possibilities are out there that will allow you to show appreciation for both established clients and your target audience in general. You should always use email and social media to directly thank individual clients for their business, but also to show your thanks when you reach certain milestones. Whether it’s the number of likes on your company’s Facebook page or the number of years you’ve been in business, you couldn’t have done it without them. Make sure they know it!

If a business can unite great community relationships with smart marketing techniques and technologies, they have a real winning combination. CAYK is here to help you make this happen and more, just call us at (403) 456-0072 to find out how!

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Herding Cats: Why Doing Everything Without a Marketing Team Is So Difficult

If you own a business, you probably have plenty of experience being in a leadership position. One thing that can get a bit overwhelming is delegating between large numbers of people. Believe it or not, the same can be true of your marketing plan.

What Successful Marketing Requires

These days, the range of skills and tasks required for good marketing is more diverse than ever. This is because the modern world of business demands that you cover as many bases as possible. A website, an active social media presence, images and video production, pay-per-click campaigns, and a consistent brand are all examples of how your marketing plan may be divided into projects of varying types. The best campaigns will dedicate a substantial amount of time and expertise to each individual component so that the whole package can truly elevate your business.

The Individual Specialist Approach

One way to accomplish this for your company is to seek out the skills of many individual specialists. In theory, each individual specialist is good at what they do because they’ve devoted time to that one task rather than covering a wider range of knowledge. Unfortunately, there are many problems with this scenario, and two stand out in particular. Firstly, the costs can add up qutie a bit, as specialists tend to use their skills as a way to justify higher rates. Secondly, you’ll be responsible for a lot more delegation and organization than you might have time for. Effectively, you’ll have a whole other branch of your company to run!

The Unified Team Approach

Alternatively, you can seek out and establish a relationship with a team that covers the full range of necessary marketing endeavours for your business. The major advantage here is that a fully qualified agency is its own self-managed entity. They can be trusted to provide a package that will give your company the marketing edge it needs without requiring all that extra work on your end. The best teams will shape a strategy for you depending on the unique circumstances and requirements of your business, communicating with you throughout the process to ensure an excellent experience. Sounds a lot better than herding cats and dealing with a handful of expensive independent contractors, doesn’t it?

Are you ready to outfit your company with a team that will provide a comprehensive marketing solution you can rely on? Get in touch with CAYK at (403) 456-0072 today to get started!

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How to Create Effective Online Content

Content is the lifeblood of digital marketing. If you have any hopes of keeping your organic traffic strong, it’s all about keeping the quality of your content in tip-top shape. So how does one actually maintain quality control in a dependable way? Let’s run through a few key strategies.

Create Something of Value

One of the first things a potential client will want to do when visiting your website is know that you care about your work. In order for this to happen, you need to create informative, well-composed content on a regular basis. This demonstrates that you are knowledgeable in your field and have put genuine care and effort into building a site full of engaging material just for them. Blogging is excellent for this, and once you throw great images or even quality video into the mix, you’ll have an irresistible variety of content that shows you mean business.


Having an engaging site is one thing, but actually drawing visitors to it is another entirely. This is one of the greatest strengths of a good blog. If done properly, your writing will have a measurable impact on your organic traffic once you get smart about SEO. Do some research into what keywords in your industry carry good weight for searchability, or even find ways to fit full search phrases into your blog to cover your bases. Careful not to overdo this, however. Your blog should be readable in a natural way without feeling like a robotic collage of search terms!

Your Call to Action

One thing that many fail to consider as an important element to their site’s content is a call to action. This is a section at the end of your blog post or even beneath your embedded video that encourages the reader into action after they’ve learned about the business. Without it, a blog can seem unenthusiastic about making contact with the visitor. It’s critical to let the reader know what you’re genuinely eager to get in touch with them and discuss their needs. Different sites will write a call to action in different ways, but we like to do them like this:

At CAYK, we put our marketing expertise into practice every day to provide quality, enriching content for our visitors. If you’d like to find out how you can make this work for your business, give us a call at (403) 456-0072 today!

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Search Engine Optimization Through the Ages

The way we use the internet has changed in countless ways over the past couple decades. SEO is no exception. As one of the most important aspects of your marketing plan, it’s a good idea to be as knowledgeable on the subject as possible. Here’s a little breakdown to get you acquainted.


With the development of search engines in the early-mid ‘90s, webmasters found that greater visibility in search results was advantageous to their business. In 1996 the concept of “search ranking” was born from Google’s PageRank, an algorithm determining the importance of a web page by the quantity and relevance of links to and from that page, as well as its keywords. A year later, the term “search engine optimization” was popularized to describe the process of improving a page’s rank by optimizing the quantity and quality of its links and keywords, or a number of other strategies.

Then and Now

Since the outset of SEO as a concept, the number of search engines available to the public has increased drastically. So has the diversity of content types, such as visual content, audio, or industry-specific “vertical” searches. These factors, in combination with the game-changing emergence of social networking, have led to an overall shift in focus toward critical understandings of user personas, the importance of user experience, and other intuitive factors that become powerful when combined with hard data. This idea of diversity in many contexts will continue to influence the way SEO evolves.

What Lies Ahead?

It will become increasingly important to stay vigilant regarding the types of content users are searching for vertically, what engines they are using, and what platforms they are searching from. The growth and importance of mobile SEO is only getting started, and the prevalence of spam and harmful SEO practices between competitors are also rising issues. In the face of so much variety and competition, business owners everywhere will benefit from building a unique, high-quality experience for the user which is specialized to their needs and context in measureable and actionable ways.

We at CAYK are here to offer our skill and expertise to any aspect of your digital or traditional marketing plan. Anything from a direct marketing campaign to an overhaul of your blog or website, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Give us a call at (403) 456-0072 today!

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How to Make Your Blog Work For You

For countless businesses and independent professionals, a blog is one of the most valuable tools in the inbound marketing toolbox. With so much potential as a hub of searchable content — and a gateway into the rest of your online presence — it’s in your best interest to make it the best it can be. Here are just a few ways you can keep your bases covered.

Be Regular, Be Reliable

The internet is a fast-paced environment, and everyone is fighting to be heard at once. This means that you can only stretch the attention of your audience so far unless you work to maintain it. A very common misstep in the management of blog content is infrequent or inconsistent postings. This is a problem even if your content is top-notch. If a user checks your feed and notices that a new article hasn’t been written in over a month, it’s very likely that they won’t check again!

Quality Control

Meanwhile, blogs that post content frequently but don’t have any particularly interesting information to offer are just as ill-advised. A great way to know how to write good content is to look at your competition. What are other blogs missing? What are they failing to bring to the attention of their audience? If you’re able to provide a variety of unique angles to your industry, this not only allows you to stand out, it also shows your audience that you’re truly passionate about what you do.

A Hub For Your Traffic

Many businesses rely on their blogs for a large portion of traffic to their main website. If written properly and scheduled effectively, your blog will serve to attract and redirect traffic where you want it to go. Use tools like AdWords to get a good grip on what relevant search terms carry the most weight and be sure to work them into your articles to improve your SEO. As long as you have a clear link to your main site, this is when you’re most likely to turn a curious search user into a new client!

Want to learn more about getting the most out of your blog? Need advice on other important aspects of your online or traditional marketing plan? The experts at CAYK are at your disposal, and it is our mission to help you optimize your approach. Get in touch with us at (403) 456-0072 today!

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September 2015 – Google Events

We have several events planned in September and hope that you will join us.

Starting on the 10th, we are hosting a webinar to follow up the Google Mobile Friendly Update that occurred in April. This is an easy one for people to join us right from their own desk!

Do you eat breakfast? The Digital Breakfast with Google on September 23 will be right up your alley. Join us at the Willow Park Golf & Country Club for breakfast and meet our Google Agency Representatives.

Winding up the month on the 30th, we are hosting our 3rd Google Partners Connect. This is a casual meeting over coffee – a great opportunity to network. During this event some of Google’s top Advertising professionals will stream in LIVE and present on the most current trends in digital marketing.

I hope that you will join us. Call me if you have any questions at <span class="**403-456-0072**-CAYK">***403-456-0072***</span>

David A. West
CAYK Marketing Inc.

CAYK WEBINAR | Post Mortem: Google’s Mobile Friendly Update | Sept 10, 2015 at 11am | Join David West and Melissa Gregory online for what promises to be a very interesting 35 – 45 minute seminar.
Register here –>

BREAKFAST with GOOGLE | Sept 23 at 7:45am | Join David & the CAYK team as we meet “live” at the Willow Park Golf Club. Meet our Google Agency representatives and be exposed to some of the most current information available about digital advertising –> Limited Seats –>
RSVP here –>

GOOGLE Partners Connect | Sept 30, 2015 at 9:30am | Join us, in person | The Internet gives every business a chance to achieve success. We’d like to invite you to join our agency for a Google event designed to help you reach your business goals online. It’s a great opportunity to learn from digital marketing and advertising experts about how to grow your business online. –>
RSVP Yes here –>

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Is Video Really Worth It?

Everyone says video is absolutely necessary, but is it worth it? Producing a video today is kind of like producing a website in the past, “You build it, but nobody watches.” While video is very important to a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, it’s not exactly like you’re building the Hoover Dam in the desert.

Unless you make an effort to comprehensively promote your video, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll receive the desired number of views. Finding the right avenues to effectively market your video, however, can be more difficult than you might imagine.

The Google Display Network

Once you’ve created a visually stimulating marketing video, you need to disseminate your new content as widely as possible. Fortunately, you can tap into the Google Display Network, “the largest global network with vast reach.”

“Google Display ads communicate across all devices and media platforms, featuring an effective combination of placement, contextual and audience targeting tools to help you find, reach and connect with your audience more efficiently than ever before.”

With the capability to reach more than 90% of Internet users throughout the world, the Google Display Network can serve more than a trillion different impressions to more than one billion users every month. The network’s comprehensive array of ad formats helps you engage more potential customers than ever, regardless of their specific location.

The Google Display Network will help you make sure that your ads reach both existing and potential customers at the right time in the right places, whether that be on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.

Why Video is Really Worth It

Some businesses may still be hesitant to make an investment in new forms of adverting media. While it can be easy to produce a video that fails to have the desired impact, a well designed video marketing strategy can help you achieve impactful results that boost your bottom line.

The human aspect of video marketing, for starters, helps you communicate directly with customers in friendly manner. Nobody likes the “used car salesman” approach, but this is largely because of a fundamental lack of human connection. When it comes to connecting with potential customers around the world, being able to put a trustworthy face with your product or service offerings can be a huge factor in creating brand loyalty.

Voice recognition, in addition to facial identification, is also a highly advanced part of the human brain. According to a LinkedIn article written by DJ Horton, Director of Operations at Layer Cake Creative, “Voice inflections carry information that just isn’t conveyed through text.”

Video is also much more effective than other advertising media when it comes to eliciting an emotional response. Emotions can be highly contagious, and making the viewer feel an emotional connection to your brand can significantly increase the chances of converting that viewer into a tangible customer.

At CAYK®, we understand that video has a number of benefits in the advertising world, if you know how to properly produce and disseminate your content. If you’d like to speak with our team about your specific marketing needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at <span class="**403-456-0072**-CAYK">***403-456-0072***</span> today!

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How to Avoid Pulling the Plug on Your Internet Marketing Plan Too Soon

One of the great myths of Internet marketing is that you should expect to see results very quickly. Granted, promoting your business online can be much faster than traditional techniques like telemarketing or direct mail, but even the most well-researched and engineered campaigns don’t work overnight.

This is understandably difficult for business owners and other clients to understand, and also raises a tough issue: How do you give your campaign enough time to work without investing too much into something that’s never going to work? In other words, how do you avoid pulling the plug too soon, or hanging on to a losing Internet marketing strategy too long?

In most cases, the best solution is to look for indicators of progress that aren’t necessarily as obvious as a quick revenue spike would be. Some of these might include:

Traffic to your business website. If more people are viewing your business website than before, it’s likely that new leads and sales will also catch up before too long.

Phone calls from new potential customers. This is another sign that people are checking out your website and like what they see. Even if they aren’t buying right away, they might schedule appointments or ask for more information.

Emails to your company. If someone takes the time to email you and ask follow-up questions, they probably have a strong level of interest.

New comments on your blog. Although this isn’t as straightforward as a sales inquiry, lots of comments on your blog show that people are paying attention to your thoughts and ideas. Ultimately, that can only mean good things for your Internet marketing.

An increasing search engine rank. Lots of businesses get impatient because they want to rank first on Google, but steady improvement is a good sign, even if it doesn’t earn you a prime search engine spot right away.

Improvements in any of these areas could show that your Internet marketing plan is moving you in the right direction. You don’t want to make rash decisions when you’re already doing the right things, so use these indicators to gauge your step-by-step progress and make the best decisions going forward.

By David A. West  Join me on Google+