New Age Marketing Requires New Age Ideas

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At one point, TV, print, and billboard ads were the gold standards for marketing but nowadays consumers want personalized and one-on-one interaction with the brands they purchase from. This is an understandable response in a world where everything is now digital-first, and marketing techniques have evolved with consideration to consumer behaviour and follow a more targeted approach. 

What is New Age Marketing?

New-age marketing takes the shift away from traditional advertising and focuses on providing and information to your customers (and this gives a lot of power to consumers!). The potential customer has access to what they choose to see, hear, or interact with through the use of cell phones and touchscreen devices. 

New age marketing provides a complete and thorough experience for your customers, and whether you're a small or large business, your ability as a company to make your customers happy will play the biggest role in your ability to grow and strengthen your reputation in the digital world.

What Makes New Age Marketing Methods Unique?

New-age marketing techniques need to offer as much information about a product or service as possible online otherwise potential clients will find a competitor that does. New-age marketing methods build marketing campaigns around buyer needs where personalization is the key to generating ROI for all marketing efforts. 

Digital marketing techniques will allow you to measure the impact of marketing campaigns and inform you of which aspects of the campaign have worked, and the mistakes that you should avoid in the future. 

ROI in New Age Marketing

To help understand the shift from traditional marketing to new-age marketing, imagine the following scenario: a marketing company has been working with a client over the past decade. Every year, this marketing company would inform the client that their company has seen 1 million impressions in a year, but would fail to address what this means for the company's business growth. During these ten years, this marketing company has focused on using the same techniques with unproductive reporting methods year after year, with no changes in strategy to promote the client's business growth. 

Nowadays with new-age marketing, you can attribute marketing budgets to exact ROI so you know which specific area of marketing you should invest in to see company growth. 

At CAYK Marketing, our methodology is that impressions don't pay wages – conversions do! 

ROI In Marketing Strategy

ROI measures the performance of marketing campaigns by calculating how much money you get in return from marketing your brand, products, or services online. When calculating marketing ROI, you can see which digital marketing strategies work for your business, and it would be difficult to know if these strategies are working if you don't measure how they help your business in the first place! 

Once the ROI for your digital marketing strategies is calculated, you can learn what is driving sales and this information is vital to help you renew future campaigns to facilitate more productive results. 

A should continue to adapt its strategies by reviewing data to establish what is and isn't working for a client. Through website analytics, marketing teams today can monitor real-time traffic and gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour. 

At CAYK Marketing, we have all the expertise and experience your company requires to excel and stand out in a crowd. Contact us today to learn how we can help you reach your business goals!


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