Is PPC Just a Waste of Money?

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Pay-per-click is one form of digital marketing that small businesses tend to be particularly hesitant about. There are a number of reasons for this, but it all comes down to one very important question: are Adwords campaigns worth the investment?

A Common Fear

Many people assume that modern advertising techniques fall into the same pitfalls as some old ones. For instance, an unsuccessful traditional ad campaign will take too much money out of your pocket without generating a good amount of new business. You might think that PPC is liable to land you in the same position, but it's more complicated than that. Some small businesses see PPC as a futile investment that is unlikely to yield adequate ROI, but in reality it is far more more stable, flexible, and low-risk than you think.

How it Really Works

A PPC ad campaign is not something your company pays for upfront. It's actually far more clever: you pay based on how well your campaigns perform. If someone is directed to your site, you will pay an amount that depends on how your campaign was set up in terms of keywords and a variety of other factors. However, this isn't the only advantage that PPC has over print or other traditional ads. Your campaigns can be designed to carefully target the exact people you are trying to direct to your website. A bus bench can't quite do that! Just the sheer precision with which you can narrow in on your key demographic makes a good PPC campaign well worth it.

How It Can Take Your Business Further

It's important to make PPC a part of how you do business because it allows you to both bring in new traffic and gain a sense of how well you are performing in other categories. This is thanks to how immediate PPC analytics can be. As an example, if your ad campaigns are successfully attracting new visitors to your site but you don't end up seeing increase in conversions, it could be concluded that your site is the problem. Perhaps your or contact information are not up to par. Before you rule out PPC due to common misconceptions, consider that it's a formidable tool in the right hands!

Whether it's Adwords or SEO, most businesses need a boost in at least one aspect of their marketing plan. Get in touch with CAYK at (403) 456-0072 today to go above and beyond!

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