Professionally Written Content in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective digital marketing strategies encompass many things: mobile-friendly design, websites optimized for speed, a strong social media presence, and more. However, none of these would be possible without regularly posted, professionally written content. Content is the backbone of digital marketing strategies because it enables businesses to reinforce their keyword inclusion, remind search engines of their relevance, and build a community of consumers and brand advocates.

Keyword and keyphrase inclusion used to be the simple process of filling a website with as many repetitive phrases as possible. However, search engines quickly adapted, and now businesses must find new ways to include these terms organically. Having a digital marketing agency on your side can be a great help in this regard, as they have a staff of writers trained to tie in keywords and phrases naturally. As well, the more writers work with the same clients, the better able they are to craft a tone that reflects the company’s core values and beliefs, while promoting their superior products and services.

As websites begin to post regular content a strong online community grows and becomes an essential part of maintaining strong brand recognition. Having customers move into brand advocate roles helps a company’s reputation flourish; not just by word of mouth, but also through the many benefits of positive online reviews. As the community grows a good digital marketing strategy can leverage this skillfully and begin to suggest loyalty incentives, holiday events, and more. Eventually a positive cycle begins; with new content being posted and shared within the community creating a positive backlinking profile which, along with many other factors, helps websites climb up the rankings on search engines.

Search engine optimization is responsible for a number of the other factors that help determine a website’s relevance. When a website has lots of content relevant to their business, it becomes better for search engines to recommend them.This is because search engine algorithms are designed to show the websites with the most information so users don’t have to try multiple results to get their information, and when paired with modern website design, professionally written content boosts search engine optimization by presenting regular opportunities to improve your keyword count, geotargeting count, and more.

These are just some of the reasons the phrase “content is king” gets used so often. It increases your chances of climbing higher in search results, strengthens your search engine optimization strategy, and reinforces your social media accounts. Having professional writers available to create and edit specifically targeted articles makes the process of creating regular content simple and easy. Thankfully, digital marketing agencies are well-versed in this process, and provide a format that works for businesses of all sizes. Contact CAYK Marketing to learn more about the value of written content!