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Let's Explain This Whole Marketing Automation Thing - Cayk Marketing - Marketing Automation Online

Let’s Explain This Whole Marketing Automation Thing

If you’re familiar with automated marketing emails, you probably have an idea of how marketing automation has functioned in the past. However, it has evolved significantly as a practice in recent years, and its power has earned it a top position in our marketing arsenal. Here’s why… The Problem Every tool or strategy in marketing
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OneLogin Breach PSA

The CAYK team is reaching out to our clients to inform you that OneLogin, the single sign-on provider (SSO) used by WordPress, has just recently suffered a security breach. CAYK does not use OneLogin, but we are concerned that you may. Due to the possible impact on your website and data, we are ensuring that you are
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Surprise! The Internet Isn’t Going Anywhere

Many concepts and strategies used in marketing today have been common for decades or longer. While there are plenty of older approaches that have maintained relevance, there’s no time like the present and all the new resources it offers us! Trusting in the Future Some businesses embrace new innovations and shifting priorities with open minds
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September 2015 – Google Events

We have several events planned in September and hope that you will join us. Starting on the 10th, we are hosting a webinar to follow up the Google Mobile Friendly Update that occurred in April. This is an easy one for people to join us right from their own desk! Do you eat breakfast? The
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Is Firefox Hello Going to Kick Google in the Hangout? - CAYK Marketing - Calgary Digital Marketing

Is Firefox Hello Going to Kick Google in the Hangout?

Live video and text chat has been around for a while, but web browsers are continuously looking for ways to facilitate seamless text and video chat. Firefox provides a useful alternative to Google Chrome when it comes to the Hangout. Firefox Hello provides an in-browser tool for users to connect with anyone, anywhere via video,
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Tips for Building a Comprehensive Marketing Plan - CAYK Marketing - Internet Marketing Calgary

Tips for Building a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

A successful marketing strategy is essential for businesses of all sizes, but knowing every way in which you should be getting your brand out there can be a bit complex at times. Marketing in the modern era requires a comprehensive approach that takes advantage of every available avenue. At CAYK® Marketing, we strive to help businesses
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The Benefits of Investing in Owned Content - CAYK Marketing - Digital Marketing Calgary

The Benefits of Investing in Owned Content

With today’s accessibility to social media, many companies are using native advertising in the form of suggesting Facebook posts or promoting tweets that link to online publications that advertise their services. Often, the content of these publications doesn’t come directly from the company itself. Owned content is a growing trend that promotes the use of
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3 Conversations You Never Have to Have With Agile Internet Marketing

Have you had an awkward, uncomfortable, or downright frustrating conversation with your web design and Internet marketing team? In our interviews with new clients, we find that most business owners and executives have. In fact, that’s often what has led them to us in the first place. We believe that a lot of these interactions stem from
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5 High-ROI Internet Marketing Tools for 2014

In a recent post, we reminded business owners and executives that Internet marketing plans should consist of a lot more than a simple checklist of items to do or try. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain ingredients that almost every business should be taking advantage of. To help you ensure you aren’t missing out on any
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