Is Firefox Hello Going to Kick Google in the Hangout?

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Live video and text chat has been around for a while, but web browsers are continuously looking for ways to facilitate seamless text and video chat. Firefox provides a useful alternative to Chrome when it comes to the Hangout.

Firefox Hello provides an in-browser tool for users to connect with anyone, anywhere via video, for free. If you're unfamiliar with Firefox's rollout of a new tool to help people connect, or reconnect, with friends all over the world, here are a few important things you need to know:

One-Click Entry

If you already have Firefox installed as a browser on your computer, you also have access to Hello. Using this video chat tool doesn't require any additional program downloads, and starting a conversation is as easy as sending your friend a one-click invitation. It really doesn't get much simpler than that.

No Sign-In Required

Unlike a video chat tool like Skype, Firefox Hello doesn't require the user to set up a new account and go through the sign-in process every time he or she wants to use it. If you're already using your Firefox browser, and you see one of your friends online, simply send him or her a link to begin your text conversation or video chat.

Desktop Security

Due to the fact that Hello is built right into Firefox, rather than being a separate application, the tool is incredibly safe and secure. Many users worry about video chat applications that can give third parties easy access to sensitive desktop information.

As a company, Firefox takes information security very seriously. In fact, it's part of their mission statement and, thus, it underlines just about everything that goes on behind-the-scenes. When you use Firefox Hello to connect with friends across the world, you can rest easy know your conversations will remain private and secure.

Tablet and Mobile Compatibility

When designing Hello, Firefox focused largely on creating a tool that is easy-to-use on a variety of Internet-capable devices. It's important to note that friends or family you wish to connect with don't actually need to install the Firefox browser in order to join your conversation.

Outside of the Firefox browser, which is recommended, there are a number of other compatible browsers that support Hello, including Opera and Google Chrome. As long as your friends have a WebRTC-supported browser, they will be able to tune into your video conversation. Firefox Hello was also designed to work effectively with any size tablet or mobile screen, which puts it on par with Google-sponsored applications such as Skype or FaceTime.

When it comes to connecting with friends, business associates, and other acquaintances in a video chat hangout, it's clear that Firefox Hello provides a useful, browser, friendly alternative. If you'd like to check out more about Firefox's newest video chat tool, please check out their site here. If you're looking for broader guidance to help you grow your company, please don't hesitate to give the team at CAYK® Marketing a call at 403-456-0072 today!

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