Why won’t you help me fix my ______ ? (email software, PC, networking issues etc.)

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Do you remember hearing Dr. Leonard McCoy on Star-Trek exclaim, “dammit James, I'm a Doctor…”? Well, we are not experts in information technology. As web marketers, we absolutely are experts at hosting websites and email services but we cannot fix a local computer and networking related issues.

In the good old days when most people used the same email software and there were hardly any smartphones, we did help clients, if we could, with their email setup. Now, with the advent of a multitude of software as a service, at least three smartphone operating systems and both Mac's and PC's… we have to concede… we are, unfortunately, not an IT company. (Our team is trained specifically in and , not email support.) 

We limit our support of email services to ensuring that our own mail servers are running and that our servers are sending and receiving the email for the hundreds of accounts that are hosted.

Why We Refer Clients to a Professional IT Company 

When a client is struggling with sending or receiving email we will refer them to their own Information Technology department or to our trusted IT professional partners. Once we have identified that our email servers are working properly and ensure that our clients can access email via a webmail interface, support tickets have to be escalated to an IT professional who can diagnose and fix issues with your local computer or network.

What You Can Expect

With your permission, we will refer your case to a trusted partner. You can expect that a representative from their company will follow up with you. They will advise you of any fees for service that you should expect. Once you approve the related fees they will attempt to diagnose & fix your issue via a remote connection to your computers. If necessary, they will dispatch a technician to your workplace to further investigate and fix your issues.

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