Why This Is the Perfect Time to Make the Switch to Responsive Internet Marketing

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There's never a bad time to make a good decision, of course, but right now could be the perfect opportunity for you to make the switch to responsive – that is, plans that allow you and your creative team to switch your approach from one month or quarter to the next rather than being tied to a traditional menu of activities.

At its heart, responsive Internet marketing is about two things: flexibility and results. Given that the best practices in , search advertising, , and a dozen other disciplines are changing all the time, it only makes sense for your company to be able to use the tools it needs right now while having the option to change things later.

That's especially true now, in the fall of 2014. That's because a lot of businesses are going to be evaluating the investments they've made for the year so far, and wondering what kinds of changes or strategy shifts they still need to make going forward into the busy holiday season and the coming year.

By transitioning into responsive Internet marketing now, a company like yours can not only become more forward-thinking, but also avoid duplicating past mistakes. Granted, it's always easier to just sign up for more of what your creative team gave you the last time you mapped out an Internet marketing plan – whether it's a set number of blog posts, social updates, online ads, or something else – but is that really the best way to grow your company? Is it truly efficient?

If you care about getting the most from your marketing budget, and not being complacent, responsive Internet marketing could be the option you've been waiting for all along. Why not speak with a member of the CAYK® team today and see how we're building a better business model for Internet marketing success?

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