Marketing is About People

Marketing is About People
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It's estimated that Canadians see between 4,000 and 10,000 ads per day! Everyone wants our attention! Though we may not like being bombarded with ads, we appreciate knowing about products and services. Most consumers welcome alternative forms of communication; sponsored , native ads (videos, articles, editorials) and creative campaigns. They favour ad personalization and targeting. Cookies and tracking pixels are an attempt to do this. But these methods track devices, not people. People-based marketing fills in the gaps. 

What is people-based marketing?

People-based marketing (sometimes called cross-device marketing) is the new wave in the industry. It's a strategic approach to marketing in which marketers target individual people (rather than groups) with relevant messaging across different channels and touchpoints. It leverages both consumer identification for accuracy and automation for scale. People-based marketing takes a personal approach to marketing, allowing brands to customize messaging and deliver campaigns at optimal times. The focus is on each consumer as a unique target, using data from both online and offline sources to create detailed, rich customer profiles. This allows for better targeting of individuals with messages that matter and engage them in meaningful ways.

The benefits of people-based marketing:

  • Better understanding: People-based marketing enables you to gain rich insights into customer/client behaviour.
  • Message tailoring: This marketing approach allows you to tailor creative messages that resonate with each customer/client.
  • Omnichannel approach: You can reach your target audience more effectively both online and offline.
  • The right timing: Helps you gain a deeper understanding of when your audience is most receptive to your ads. 
  • Cost-effective: Targeting the right person with the right message at the right time and on the right platform, make the best use of your ad money. 
  • Expand your reach: Understanding your customers/clients lets you target prospects who have similar interests and tastes (doppelgangers) and may be receptive to your goods/services.
  • Promotes trust and confidence: People-based marketing enables your customer or prospect to feel that they have someone working with them, a partner that they can trust.
  • Effective Retargeting: People-based marketing allows you to retarget users on any device. to reinforce the messaging.
  • Reduces Targeting of Bots: This marketing approach puts your ads in front of real, verified people. 
  • Create more valuable content: Listening to your customers/clients enables you to develop relevant content based on actual needs, increasing impressions and clicks, boosting your website traffic and benefiting your overall campaign success.
  • Increase ROI:  Engaging with consumers/clients effectively drives conversions and sales. 

How do I know if people-based marketing is right for my business?

Anyone with a variety of data sources can build toward a successful people-based marketing campaign. Begin by concentrating your data collection efforts. Merge data across departments into a single customer relationship management division and build out more collection tools. Add rich, useful gated content to your website. Give customers the option to provide their information at checkout to receive an improved experience. Then begin targeting real, verified people. Top industries for people-based marketing strategies include: education, retail, travel, entertainment, automotive, health, fitness, restaurants, publishing, e-commerce, and consumer packaged goods. 

People-based marketing involves the gathering of customer/client data from both offline and online sources and using that rich profile to accurately recognize and reach customers on any device. It helps your business view customers/clients as individuals, offering personalized targeting and engagement for meaningful connections and increased ROI. Are you ready to try people-based marketing for your business?

Are you ready to try people-based marketing for your business? Need help with your marketing campaigns? Call us at (403) 456-0072 or email [email protected].  Allow us to be your very own marketing department! Connect with our tightly-knit team of knowledgeable digital-first consultants, each eager to help your business grow. Contact Us today.


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