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Don’t have time to read? Email me this article

Dynamic Search Ads are an ad format that enables you to catch relevant searches based on the titles, frequently used phrases and product listings on your website rather than keywords. The search engine crawls your site and matches to search terms closely related to the it finds. When a user makes a query, Google Ads will use this information to pick a relevant landing page and create a clear, appropriate headline that targets the potential customer. The generated headlines are based on the matched product and relevant to the search at hand. Dynamic ads target the right user at the right time, leading them where you want them to be (a landing page, a catalogue, a product listing, etc.).


Benefits of Dynamic Search Ads:

  • Are easy to set up and maintain
  • Save time by alleviating the tedious task of keyword research and mapping
  • Reduce time spent building bids and ad text for each product on your site
  • Alleviate the need to research the appropriate landing page for your target
  • Supplement your broad match strategy; filling the gaps from other search campaigns
  • Allow you to show ads based on your entire website, or on specific product areas/pages
  • Provide the ability to drive traffic to a large number of landing pages
  • Drive quality traffic to the most relevant landing pages
  • Allow you to catch unique searches leading to expansion opportunities
  • Create potential for high volume and profit
  • Are precise and applicable to the consumer
  • Reach the most relevant groups of consumers
  • Supply longer headlines increasing ad visibility
  • Permit you to customize the URL that appears
  • Prevent ads from showing for products that are temporarily out-of-stock
  • Make automatic updates to your ads
  • Automatically create ads in the required Google format


Disadvantages of Dynamic Search Ads:

  • Headlines and the ad copy don't always match up
  • Won't work for those who want total control over their brand's messaging
  • You're placing a lot of trust in an automated system
  • The campaign will need close monitoring, especially at the beginning
  • Low performing search queries can quickly eat up a marketing budget

Who should use Dynamic Search Ads?

Dynamic Search Ads are not for everyone. They work best for companies that have content-rich websites, an assortment of different products/services and seasonal product lines.

Dynamic Search Ads allow you to leverage page content effectively and are a great way to supplement your existing text ad search. They can increase brand awareness and boost profits. Dynamic Search Ads let you cast a wider net along with Google's search network while placing dynamic content in front of interested parties. They deliver the information that consumers need in a way they want to consume it. Without a good headline, no one will ever notice the description you've painstakingly written! Dynamic Search Ads create great headlines for you.

Interested in exploring and/or implementing Dynamic Search Ads? Need help with your marketing campaign(s)? Call us at (403) 456-0072 or email [email protected].  Allow us to be your very own marketing department! Connect with our tightly-knit team of knowledgeable digital-first consultants, each eager to help your business grow. Contact us today.

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