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In-house vs Agency Marketing

In-House vs. Agency Marketing

When it comes to promotion, companies can choose between in-house professional advisors or marketing agencies. This is a critical decision for business owners and stakeholders.

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Conducting an A/B/n Split Test - CAYK Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency - Featured Image

Conducting an A/B/n Split Test

A/B/n split testing helps website owners build a culture of data-informed decision-making by enabling businesses to take into account audience preferences. Conflicting opinions regarding website

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A/B/n Split Testing - CAYK Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency - Featured Image

A/B/n Split Testing

One of the simplest and most effective ways to boost post-click landing page conversion rates is to use a powerful method of optimization called split

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Page-Specific Remarketing - CAYK Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency - Featured Image

Page-Specific Remarketing

What is remarketing? Remarketing is a technique that involves displaying ads to consumers who have previously interacted with your website or used your mobile app.

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Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads are an ad format that enables you to catch relevant searches based on the titles, frequently used phrases, and product listings on your

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Weather-Based Advertising

Weather-Based Ads

The weather has a large influence on human behaviour, including buying behaviour. Temperature, humidity, snowfall, and, especially sunlight, can affect retail sales. In fact, only

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Why Track Conversions

Why Track Conversions?

In online business or eCommerce, a conversion occurs when the recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action such as: Submitting information Signing up

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Is Content King

Is Content King?

Designing an attractive, easily navigated, quick-loading website is important for the impression you make on your audience. Most businesses realize this and spend time and

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Trends in Digital Design

To remain effective in the marketplace, it’s important to ensure that your website and online profiles are designed and developed to resonate with your audience.

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