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What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a technique that involves displaying ads to consumers who have previously interacted with your website or used your mobile app. A remarketing strategy allows you to stay connected to your target audience while building brand awareness. You can remarket through the use of YouTube, Gmail, Apps, display networks and/or search listings. This technique is cost-effective, increases conversions and boosts return on investment.

What is page-specific remarketing?

Sometimes users visit a specific page on your website without taking the desired action. Page-specific remarketing allows you to update and/or expand the copy, to improve product and service information, then remarket to those users with ads that include the improvements.

Advantages of page-specific remarketing:

  • Targeted ad copy: Page-specific remarketing allows you to hyper-focus your ads, to speak to a previous user/visitor in a different way than you would a first-time user. You can create highly targeted and personalized ad campaigns depending on which sections of your site were visited or which actions were taken. You can also offer discounts to users who have completed certain interactions on your website or app.
  • Custom graphics and brand awareness: Page-specific remarketing allows you to develop ads with customized text and graphics that will appeal to the user. You can include your logo to help build brand awareness.
  • Increased conversion rates: Not all users take action (submit a form, download a document, make a purchase) on the first visit to your website/app but a user who is familiar with your product/service is more likely to take the next step. Page-specific remarketing keeps users engaged with your brand and in the marketing funnel. It increases your chances of converting the lead. Page-specific remarketing ads remind users about your product/service, take them directly to the page they bounced from and set them up for conversion.
  • Lower cost per click: Page-specific remarketing campaigns have a higher click-through rate than regular display ads as recipients are already familiar with your product/service. The increased click-through rate improves your chance of conversions making retargeting ads one of your most cost-effective options.
  • Specific site selection: Page-specific remarketing allows you to choose where your ads are being served, letting you show your ads on only those websites proven relevant to your business. If a location is sending users who aren’t converting, you can prevent your ads from being served there.
  • Keep you top of mind: There is a reason that a user initially visited your website/app. Page-specific remarketing lets you remind people about their past interest and invites them to visit again.

Keep your brand top-of-mind and entice visitors to come back for more by using remarketing. Meet interested users where they’re at and turn their interest into a conversion. Create a happy customer and a brand evangelist.

Interested in page-specific remarketing? Need help with your marketing strategies? Call us at (403) 456-0072 or email [email protected].  Allow us to be your very own marketing department! Connect with our tightly-knit team of knowledgeable digital-first consultants, each eager to help your business grow. Contact us today.


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