The Biggest Problem With Online Marketing Plans… and How Agile Marketing Fixes It

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There are literally dozens of different reasons that an plan could fall short of expectations. In working with different organizations throughout Calgary over the years, however, we have noticed that there is one single limitation that can be especially crippling: Even the best plans become outdated quickly.

That isn't to say that web designers, advertising agencies, or even clients are doing things incorrectly. It's just the nature of doing business on the Internet – if you aren't ahead of the curve, you're quickly falling behind it.

Lately, the team here at CAYK® has been embracing a new philosophy, agile marketing, that largely corrects this problem. How does it accomplish this? By turning Internet marketing from a series of ideas, activities, and lists into a set of goals with a “budget” of time and money allocated to reach them.

If that sounds vague, think about it this way: When you watch a game of football or hockey on TV, you'll notice that the teams make substitutions, formation changes, and tactical adjustments all the time. Their goal is always the same – to score more points than the other team – but they are highly dependent on lots of little tweaks and strategy shifts to help them reach that goal. Any team that skipped this ongoing adjustment process would likely fall far, far behind their competitors.

Business over the Internet can sometimes work in the same way. Although your focus on a certain type of customer or sale should be consistent, your specific approach (as it relates to things like blog posts, search engine keywords, pay-per-click ads, , and more) will probably need to evolve over time, and maybe on a month-to-month basis. That's what agile marketing is all about.

If you're looking for an Internet marketing plan that stays up to date, and makes the most of your available time and investment, then you should talk to a member of the CAYK® team about agile marketing in Calgary today.

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