Is Agile Marketing Really a New Thing… or Just a New Name?

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Don’t have time to read? Email me this article

If you've spoken to us lately, you've probably learned that CAYK® is embracing a new philosophy called “agile marketing.” Although we could talk about it all day long, the essential idea is that, instead of a list of marketing activities to be completed and checked off, agile marketing instead focuses on specific outcomes and priorities that shift on a regular basis.

Since marketing concepts come and go pretty frequently, it's normal for clients to wonder: Is agile marketing really a new thing… or just the same old ideas packaged under a different label?

Naturally, that depends on who is using it and how, but the short answer is that it really is something entirely different. That's because, even though agile marketing relies on some of the same techniques and tactics that we have all come to know and love, it places the focus firmly on results instead of activities.

That's important because none of our clients – and in fact no company that we've ever heard of – has endless amounts of time and money to spend finding new customers. And so, they are typically forced to choose the ones that they think (or hope) will make the most sense given what they have to work with. If things succeed, that's wonderful and the plan can grow; but if they don't, the wrong path is often pursued for quite a while before everyone realizes what's happening… and a new plan is launched the same way.

With agile marketing, we look for specific results, like more visitors to your website, more registrations for your event, or an improved website position. Based on the results that come back in real time, we can shift gears and move from one tactic to another in order to meet the investment you're making to achieve that result. Or, we can start thinking about a different goal altogether.

If getting more results from the same budgets seems like something that could interest you and your company, talk to us about agile marketing today.

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