What’s the Argument Against Responsive Internet Marketing?

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Any time a new idea is introduced into the business world – and especially the world of – there are going to be some people who are going to fight.

It's no surprise then, that while Calgary businesses are embracing responsive Internet marketing plans, a number of agencies are pushing back against them. Their main argument against our way of working, if they have one, is that it seems “unclear.”

In the strictest possible sense, that could be true. After all, the beauty of a responsive Internet marketing plan is that you don't necessarily know which activities you're going to pursue from one time period to the next. As a result, your plan could change over time.

The bigger reality, however, is that the change we are talking about is important and necessary. As the best Internet marketing tools shift and change, your ideas and future plans need to change with them. That's even more true if your business objectives and priorities change regularly, as they do for many organizations.

The truth is probably that some Calgary business web design companies don't want to embrace responsive marketing because they simply want to keep getting paid for what they've always done in the past. Or worse, they want you to keep paying for the same work that's already been finished, even though they keep giving it to you again and again as if it were new.

With responsive Internet marketing, you still always know exactly what you're paying for. The biggest difference is that your business is the one setting the priorities, and that fewer of your dollars are being wasted on the wrong activities. What could be more clear than that?

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