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3 Major Uses for Marketing Automation

Previously, we mentioned that personalized email campaigns are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing automation. It can serve a multitude of purposes to help your business grow, so why not take a closer look? Here are three areas where it really shines.

Analyzing and Understanding Your Leads

Whether it’s getting someone to sign up for you email list, fill out a survey or other form, or follow you on social media, capturing leads is a crucial step in gaining new business. However, capturing a lead is only half the battle. You also have to understand who they are, what they want, what they’re interested in, and more. Marketing automation allows you to learn as much as possible about your leads by automatically tracking, analyzing, profiling, and segmenting them. Progressive profiling is an especially important component of this, allowing you to gather an increasing amount of data on a lead or customer throughout their journey with your brand.

Nurturing Leads and Maximizing Retention

Marketing automation tools also provide you with the means to guide your leads closer and closer to the bottom of the purchase funnel. If your progressive profiling and segmentation practices hit the mark, you’ll be equipped to qualify and nurture your leads through automated processes that are tailored to the precise nature of their behaviour. Other assets in this process include personalized automated email campaigns, your social media profiles, your content strategy, and more. Combine all of this with skillful conversion rate optimization and you’ll really be in business. You’ll not only nurture leads like a pro, you’ll also maximize customer retention.

Making Your Business More Efficient

You may primarily understand marketing automation tools as being designed for your consumer-facing marketing efforts. This is a significant portion of their scope, but additionally, automation tools are commonly used to streamline and optimize internal business processes, both directly and indirectly linked with your marketing strategy. Whether it’s managing appointments and meetings, communicating with team members and clients, or structuring the execution of crucial marketing tasks and workflows, the automation tools available today are both powerful and highly versatile. Use them to make your business stronger than ever!

Even within each of these key categories, implementing marketing automation within your strategy can have far-reaching effects on the growth, visibility, and reputation of your business. Are you ready to fully capture its potential? Call (403) 456-0072 to speak with our experts today!

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Is Marketing Automation Right for You?

If your company simply adopted every single marketing tool that popped up on the radar without learning about it first, it would probably do more harm than good. The first step is always to determine if and how a new resource can get you results. Let’s look at marketing automation.

Loads of Leads

One type of business that can really benefit from marketing automation, regardless of the industry, is one that has a very high number of leads. In theory, being in this situation may seem more like a dream come true than a problem. However, a high volume of leads doesn’t do you much good if you can’t manage them properly. Determining lead quality when you have hundreds or thousands to deal with is a task that gets exhausting for any sales team. Marketing automation can help you develop a more coherent pool of potential clients by bringing the right people into focus, categorizing them, and streamlining how you connect with them.

Uneven Lead/Client Ratio

Let’s say your company is having trouble maintaining a healthy ratio between potential and confirmed clients. This means that you’re getting things right with the way you’re approaching your website and your inbound strategy. The community is paying attention to you, but you don’t quite have that extra something to turn them into eager customers. Marketing automation can save the day here as well. Custom email campaigns directed to your leads depending on their interests and behaviour, as well as highly relevant landing pages, can really win over those potential customers who are on the fence.

Still Working on It

A lot of business owners out there are in the early stages of building their company. A sophisticated tool like marketing automation may seem out of reach or irrelevant if you’re still getting things going, but you’d be surprised how accessible it is and how much it can do for you. Not having very many leads to go on can be very discouraging, but marketing automation is perfect for addressing this obstacle. It simultaneously enhances and complements your inbound strategy by targeting the right people with the right information, drawing them to your site, and securing higher quality traffic. No business should go without it!

Which of these categories does your business fall under? Like any good tool, marketing automation is flexible enough to meet a diverse set of needs. You just have to find out what your challenge is and build a strategy accordingly. Give us a call at (403) 456-0072 to learn more!

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Is MA/CRO by CAYK More Than Just a HubSpot Subscription?

Our marketing automation service MA/CRO is one of our proudest achievements, and something that can help any business in countless ways. If you’re aware of the services offered by HubSpot, however, you may be wondering what the difference is. We’d love to show you!

Basic Principles

There are some concepts to know before you can tell the difference between a good marketing automation service and a great one. For instance, there’s the workflow, which is essentially a set of automated marketing actions that take place in response to a given action or condition. If a lead or client engages with your business online in a certain way, actions like automated email campaigns will be triggered with maximum relevance to the nature of their engagement. Also bear in mind the importance of nurturing your leads, or in other words, sustaining their interest in order to bring them closer to becoming a client.

Understanding Hubspot

Let’s run through HubSpot’s marketing automation offerings. The company operates on a subscription-based platform, which allows businesses to utilize marketing software toolsets at varying monthly rates. One key element of these toolsets is marketing automation. Like many other forms of marketing automation software, those offered by HubSpot give marketers what they need to build and implement workflows, design email campaigns, nurture leads, understand their behaviour and interests, and other more complex aspects of the process. If it sounds like a lot to keep up with, that’s because it is.

Going Further with MA/CRO

Like HubSpot’s tools, MA/CRO allows a business to develop insights into the behaviour of leads in order to design automated actions that get results. It also goes several steps further. HubSpot provides software, but they don’t work closely with your company to understand your goals and your client base. They don’t take care of the technical stuff for you, and they don’t strive to maintain a consistent schedule of 90 day assessments to keep you on track. This collaborative relationship is the secret to a successful strategy. It allows you to focus on running your business while we implement the tools and help you grow!

What do you look for in a marketing automation strategy? If you want to bring in new clients, keep them loyal, and give them a high-quality experience, software isn’t the only thing you need. Call CAYK at (403) 456-0072 to find out why our personalized approach gets the job done!


Let’s Explain This Whole Marketing Automation Thing

If you’re familiar with automated marketing emails, you probably have an idea of how marketing automation has functioned in the past. However, it has evolved significantly as a practice in recent years, and its power has earned it a top position in our marketing arsenal. Here’s why…

The Problem

Every tool or strategy in marketing is developed to address a specific problem or set of problems in attaining and retaining customers. Marketing automation sets out to solve a number of them. Firstly, when you put a lot of time, money, and effort into drawing potential customers to your site, there’s no guarantee that they’ll stay when they arrive, or that they’ll convert for that matter. This is because if your company and its site exist as a static, standardized experience for everyone, you’re not targeting potential customers based on their individual characteristics and behaviour. Furthermore, you can’t do this if you don’t know anything about them!

The Solution

So, how do you learn enough about your visitors to give them the experience they need? This is what good marketing automation should be about, especially when approached from an inbound angle. Increasing your traffic with enticing content and smart use of social media is only half the battle. Marketing automation techniques will offer you detailed insights into what content brought a visitor to you, what’s important to them, and how you can predict their needs in order to maximize relevance through automated emails, the right landing pages, and more. Combine this with solid conversion rate optimization and you’re really in business.

Case in Point: PaperStyle

Every great technology has great success stories. Invitation and stationery company PaperStyle famously used behaviour analytics to classify visitors as brides, brides-to-be, or friends of brides. From there, they designed their automated email campaigns accordingly. Brides who’d purchased wedding favours would receive an email suggesting thank-you card designs. Upon purchasing bachelorette tiaras, friends-of-brides would receive emails with wedding gift ideas. The result? A 330% increase in average revenue per email, 244% higher email open rate, and a 161% increase in click rate!

Without a holistic marketing strategy that includes inbound-focused marketing automation, your website might still meet the bare minimum. But you don’t want to meet the bare minimum, do you? We didn’t think so. Give CAYK a call today at (403) 456-0072 to go above and beyond!

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InBound Methodology Certification

As an important aspect of Marketing Automation, the newest service offered by CAYK Marketing, we’re making sure that our advisors are trained in InBound Methodology. Today, we’re happy to say that yet another of our team members has earned her HubSpot Certification!

Congratulations to Dakota on achieving your InBound Certification.

Marketing Automation is a passion of ours, and we believe it’s important to recognize how it goes beyond the software platform. You need to right people leading and managing the project to draw your audience in.

To learn more about CAYK’s marketing automation service, please visit

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Inbound Marketing Automation

Over the past six months, the CAYK team has been busy putting together our newest service offering: Marketing Automation. A part of this process is ensuring that our advisors are trained in InBound methodology.

Congratulations to Danielle for achieving your InBound Certification.

We believe that Marketing Automation is more than just the software. Certainly, selecting the right platform is important, but it is the deployment of the program that counts. Marketing automation demands a strategy, a content development plan, and proper setup. A team profile will include a project manager, writers, videographers, photographers, and web developers.

To learn more about CAYK’s marketing automation service, please visit