Could Not Nurturing Lost Leads Make You A Lost Leader?

Could Not Nurturing Lost Leads Make You A Lost Leader?
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Imagine this scenario: A few weeks ago everything was going great and customers were engaging attentively with your products or services. Then suddenly they disappeared for no apparent reason. Identifying the reason why you lose customers can be multifaceted and at times difficult too. Even though a few leads are lost due to a lack of interest, some can be gained back by using the right marketing tools and techniques. Just because a lead is inactive right now doesn't mean that they will be forever!

There are many approaches that you can take to win back lost leads. Just because a lead didn't convert doesn't mean that it will never convert at a later time. It is crucial to think outside the box and explore other strategies that you haven't tried yet. Read ahead to learn more about the strategies that can help you win back lost leads.

Using HubSpot Workflows To Target Lost Leads

Marketing Automation uses software to manage marketing processes and campaigns across many channels automatically. By using this technology, businesses can efficiently aim at providing customers with a personalized experience and simultaneously send automated messages across email, web, and socials for their marketing campaigns.

An example of this is HubSpot Workflows which is an amazing tool that can help marketers automate marketing actions. For instance, you can create an email in HubSpot, mark it for automation, use a list that you created, and track your leads efficiently, all in one place. It is also possible to use lead nurturing workflows to re-engage lost leads and retarget leads through personalized ads.

Re-Engagement Through Email And Ads

Sending emails to lost leads periodically can be a highly effective marketing tactic. When your company provides information in the form of blogs, guides, and product tutorials this might just exactly be what your lost lead needs to make that leap to a conversion. It is a good idea to also review earlier email correspondence with lost leads to see whether your company has anything more relevant to offer. If there are any new products or services that your company can provide to solve the consumers' problems, now is the time to sell that suggestion in your email!

Retargeting Through Ads

Retargeted ads remind the lost leads to revisit and re-engage with the company that they had previously shown interest in. To win back a lost lead, marketers use personalized landing pages with every advertisement to promote content and cater to the distinct needs of a lost lead. The specific landing pages have special offers, discounts, and lead magnets that encourage lost leads to re-engage with the company.

Rather than thinking of old leads as “lost”, consider the strategies that you haven't tried yet to convert them to “won”! If you're trying to win back old leads, focus on structuring your marketing strategy that builds around your business strengthening a relationship with the lead. This is an effective strategy to drive sales since it can keep your products, tools, or services in the mind of the leads and they will think of you when they are ready to purchase. In addition, every customer wants to know how your product or service will solve their problem. This is where educating your leads can fill in the gap from impressions to conversions.

Our experienced team at CAYK Marketing will help you to design the best marketing plan for your business's success! Contact us today to learn how your company can see long-term sales growth by implementing the right marketing tools and strategies.

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