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Growing Your Business and Your Marketing - Cayk Marketing - Digital Marketing Experts

Growing Your Business and Your Marketing

If you’re a small business owner who has made all the right moves, there may come a moment when you realize that the growth of your company is starting to pick up speed. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be an overwhelmingly busy one. What does this mean for your marketing? A Transitional
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hiring a marketing agency

Important Considerations for Hiring a Marketing Agency

Deciding to move your marketing in a new direction always comes with a lot of options and even more considerations. One of the larger decisions comes down to whether or not you rely on a singular professional within your organization, or if you need to outsource your marketing efforts to an established agency. When it
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How Do Inbound Marketing and My Website Work Together?

A successful marketing plan is a large, complex machine, with many moving parts all working together to help you grow. When it comes to generating and converting leads, one of the most important elements is your website. So how exactly does it empower your inbound strategy? Understanding Inbound One of your primary marketing goals should
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Take Advantage of Easter with Some Fun Social Posts!

Can you imagine a good marketing strategy without social media? Neither can we. It’s the linchpin of day-to-day interaction between people online today, and it’s especially powerful when you make it fun! Holidays are the perfect opportunity for this, so let’s take Easter as an example. Why It’s Important Before we dig into the specifics
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Is MA/CRO by CAYK More Than Just a HubSpot Subscription?

Our marketing automation service MA/CRO is one of our proudest achievements, and something that can help any business in countless ways. If you’re aware of the services offered by HubSpot, however, you may be wondering what the difference is. We’d love to show you! Basic Principles There are some concepts to know before you can
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Starting the Year with Inbound Marketing Automation - Cayk Marketing - Online Marketing Calgary

Starting the Year with Inbound Marketing Automation

Digital marketing can take your business on many exciting journeys, and each journey will yield the best results when you put your best foot forward from the start. What better way to start 2018 than with a technology as sophisticated and dynamic as marketing automation? Why It Will Jump-Start Your Year It’s often wise for
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3 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Only Getting More Important - Cayk Marketing - Online Marketing Calgary

3 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Only Getting More Important

In the field of digital marketing, trends come and go. Some techniques stand the test of time while other fall out of favour. So what about your blog? Not only is this tool still a critical asset, it’s only going to become more and more important for you to maintain one. Here’s why. The Competition
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What’s The Difference Between Social Media and Online Advertising? - Cayk Marketing - Social Media and Online Advertising

What’s The Difference Between Social Media and Online Advertising?

The goals of PPC and social media are generally distinct from one another, but they also intersect in many ways. You certainly know that social media and advertising are not the same, but what exactly makes them different in spirit and why are these differences important? Common Goal, Separate Philosophies These two tools are both
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Are You Making Any of These Marketing Automation Mistakes? - Cayk Marketing - Online Marketing Experts

Are You Making Any of These Marketing Automation Mistakes?

Marketing automation involves a number of tools and strategies that can be powerful allies for your business, but only if you utilize them correctly. The occasional misstep in implementation is one thing, but some mistakes can significantly compromise your automation approach. Neglecting Key Inbound Strategies In order for your marketing strategy to bring you new
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Understanding Inbound Marketing Automation

Knowing the Distinction These days, a brand’s online presence and marketing strategy are spread out to many different venues. This means that a traditional approach to marketing automation, one that generally tends to be too focused on email and sets up a system of conditions and marketing actions that can be too rigid, is a
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