Weather Based Advertising

Weather based advertising
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The weather has a large influence on human behaviour, including consumer purchasing behaviour. Temperature, humidity, snowfall, and, especially sunlight, or the lack of it, can affect retail sales and consumer spending, and weather based ads leverages this fact as a form of location based advertising optimization.

Weather is hugely impactful with only the overall state of the economy having a larger influence on purchasing!
The ability to adjust advertising campaigns based on the weather combines a number of technical advertising capabilities, from IP address-based location detection, or sometimes the inverse by way of geocoding for marketing purposes, connectivity to a real-time or forecast source of weather and climate data such as Weather Canada's own data-warehouse, and also the ability to adjust actual advertising campaign settings as the user's local weather condition changes. Many of these techniques are rare even when working with an advertising agency, but are readily available through CAYK Marketing.

Weather Ads: Adapting to Weather to Increase Advertising Success

is the practice of targeting consumers by local weather (past, current, or future). Automated weather targeting enables the use of weather-specific ads, unique weather-specific messaging, and the automation of bid adjustments based on real-time weather information and short-term forecasts. Your organization can personalize marketing messages based on each ad viewer's local weather conditions. Based on the current or forecast weather and/or temperature, weather can be leveraged to:

  • control when and why your ads are shown
  • speak more directly to your audience's specific weather based needs
  • enable you to include user specific weather data in your ads, such as temperature, weather condition (rain, snow, sun, wind, UV index)
  • allow you to set up weather based campaign rules and adjustments to various advertising settings like bid, budget, and target keywords
  • tailor promotions/ across email campaigns, digital display ads, mobile push notifications, and other means of digital communication

The Benefits of Weather-Based Ad Targeting

With weather-based ads, you can narrow your target audience so that your ads will be more relevant. You can maintain all options previously set, simply adding weather as another condition. This can:

  • improve advertising relevance based on real-time weather information
  • reduce your costs, increase conversions and boost revenue
  • allow you to craft ads that cater to your consumers' needs, increasing satisfaction and loyalty
  • enhance a customer's ad experience
  • make use of data-matching and geotargeted advertising and content
  • improve the effectiveness of pay-per-click campaigns
  • allow you to advertise through , demand-side platforms, and email service providers
  • help predict future marketing opportunities

Weather-based advertising enables marketers to plan ahead and respond to current information. Using a weather targeting platform, companies can predict future marketing opportunities, react to real-time weather information and improve business results. Make weather ads a mainstream component of your marketing strategy.

Interested in weather-based ads? Need help inserting a weather-based marketing campaign into your existing marketing efforts? Connect with our tightly-knit team of knowledgeable digital-first consultants, each eager to help your business grow by calling us now, at (403) 456-0072, or by booking a free 30 minute strategy session today.

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