What is a Google Partner?

Google Partner
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The Google Partners program was designed for marketing agencies to manage Ads accounts on behalf of brands/businesses. It's active in over 60 countries and is available in 43 languages. This program offers strategic benefits focused on education/insights, access and support and recognition/rewards. 

What is a Google Partner?

A Google Partner badge indicates a company is a certified Google Partner. Google Ads is a Google program that you use for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that appears in Google search engine results. It's a great method for drawing in new leads and conversions. If a marketing company is an expert in Google Ads, it can become a Google Partner. If you want to see results with your campaign, partner with a digital marketing company that is a Google Partner. They've passed the Google product certification exams (search, mobile, video, shopping, display advertising) and they stay up up-to-date on the latest product information. They have the knowledge required to provide clients with the best Google Ads service and extensive support from Google.

What are the benefits of working with a Google partner?

There are many benefits to choosing a Google Partner agency.

  • Google partners are experts: Google partners get the most for your money, produce superior campaigns and bring you the best results. They know the ins and outs of Google Ads, possess knowledge of more than just the standard terms and have highly trained staff. They'll produce a campaign that works for your business.
  • Google partners stay up to date: The digital world is continuously changing/evolving. Google Partners are constantly learning. They stay up-to-date on the latest changes, periodically taking recertification exams. They use the latest methods, so you get the most out of your campaign. 
  • Google partners practice what they preach: Google requires their partners to practice and test out new methods to keep up with changes. If they wish to sell your company features such as SEO or PPC, a Google partner needs to use these methods for their own business. This helps them come up with new/innovative ways to improve their clients' campaigns. 
  • Google partners get quick results: Periodically, issues arise when running a campaign (clicks but no conversions, malware attacks, ineffective landing pages, mixed messaging, sub-par social media results, etc.). A Google partner knows how to quickly take care of these issues and has the support of a dedicated Google agency team should they need assistance. 
  • Google partners provide great service: In order to remain a Google partner, agencies must maintain Google standards and provide great service. If you're going to invest money in the services of a marketing agency, choose a company that is a Google partner. 
  • Google partners have access to beta features: Beta features are elements that are being tested before being released to the public. Google partners have exclusive access to these features/latest updates and can integrate them into your plan, giving you a leg up on the competition.  
  • Google partners work directly with Google: If your business has issues and/or needs help, it's challenging to directly connect with someone from Google. Google partners have a direct line of communication with Google, enabling them to provide their clients with the help they need. Partners can contact Google for information on optimizing your account, to garner relevant insights and/or to address numerous topics. You'll get a superior Google Ads campaign because your is obtaining and applying the knowledge straight from the platform that hosts your PPC ad. A Google partner company gives you a great campaign that will bring results for your business.
  • Google partners maximize ROI: Paid advertising campaigns reach your target audience and increase your return on investment. Hiring a Google partner maximizes these benefits. Partners are experts at all the details that make an advertising campaign successful (keywords, A/B testing, analyzing results, refining strategy, etc.). They'll assist you in generating conversions and increasing revenue. 
  • Google partners give you a competitive edge: PPC advertising is rich in data. Google partners use this data to understand the competitive landscape, then apply these insights when planning your campaigns. 
  • Google partners consistently optimize: Since they must adhere to a minimum optimization score, you can rest assured that your Google partner is consistently and continuously monitoring and optimizing your account. They'll A/B test everything!

Three tiers of Google partnership:

The Google Partners program offers three levels of participation; member, partner and premier partner. Each tier has its own set of benefits and opportunities.

  • Member: This level of the program offers access to a range of standard benefits, enabling the growth and development of Google ads skills. 
  • Partner: This tier is designed to help maximize performance and empowers a marketing agency to identify new opportunities to accelerate their client's digital growth with Google Ads. It allows a deeper strategic partnership with Google. The agency must maintain an optimization score of at least 70% on their Google Partners manager accounts and maintain a $10,000 USD 90-day spend across the managed accounts by helping their clients consistently identify new growth opportunities and sustain their success with Google Ads. Marketers must also ensure 50% of the account strategists in their company are certified.
  • Premier partner: The exclusive primer partner level is reserved for the top 3% of participating companies each calendar year. 

Marketing agencies with Google partnerships manage multiple Google Ads accounts, have passed the minimum requirements for Google partner status and have been awarded a Google partner badge. They have expert knowledge of Google ads, can access a range of resources/support and are able to grow and manage ad accounts efficiently. When you hire an agency with a Google partnership, you're in the hands of marketers with a proven track record. It pays to align yourself with a marketing agency that is a Google partner!

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