4 Reasons to Make the Switch to an Agile Marketing Plan

Don’t have time to read? Email me this article
Don’t have time to read? Email me this article

If you have been following our blog lately, or spoken with a member of our team, then you already know we've become big fans of agile marketing, which is focused on results instead of activities. But, if you still aren't convinced it's time to have a conversation about it, here are four good reasons every Calgary company should consider making the switch to agile marketing today:

1. Agile marketing makes you more focused. Because agile marketing focuses on results, the process begins with clearly defining goals and ambitions. This can be an important step in and of itself, because it forces us to cut the extraneous and boil your plan down to the real-world outcomes you want from your plan.

2. Agile marketing is responsive. Not only does Internet marketing change from month to month, but so do your customers, your marketplace, and your competition. By putting in a responsive plan that can shift gears quickly, you make it easy to keep up with the latest trends, ideas, and development.

3. Customers like agile marketing. No, your best customers probably won't ask you for agile marketing by name, but they will appreciate the fact that you are reaching them with the right messages, via the right mediums, at the right times.

4. Agile marketing gives you the best value for your budget. Agile marketing is all about getting the biggest possible impact from your available resources, not forcing you to spend more on Internet
marketing. If you're more interested in the bottom line than trying every new fad or idea, then it's a good strategy for you consider.

Why not set aside a few minutes to talk with the CAYK® Calgary Internet marketing team about agile marketing this month? We don't need much time to give you the basics, and it could end up having an enormous impact on the future of your company.

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