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Google AdWords 101 - Cayk Marketing - Digital Marketing

Google AdWords 101

AdWords is one of the most important tools in today’s marketing landscape. Every day, it connects millions of users to the products and services that are right for them. Meanwhile, it enables business owners like you to reach the right leads. Here’s what you need to know. The Basics of PPC PPC (Pay Per Click)
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What Should You Implement for Your Marketing Plan This Year? - Cayk Marketing - Digital Marketing

What Should You Implement for Your Marketing Plan This Year?

Now that you’ve had a month or so to pick up momentum, it’s important to remember that having a lucrative year requires getting started on the right foot. Marketing is about establishing actionable objectives, so a look at some key categories should be just what you need. SEO & Content Every successful year in the
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Happy New Year From Everyone at CAYK!

There’s nothing quite like the beginning of a brand new year. With a fresh start comes a chance to revamp your efforts and build a marketing strategy that’s better than ever before. It’s also our favourite time to show appreciation for the businesses we’ve been so lucky to work with! The Importance of Looking Back
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Why It Pays to Work with Nerds - Cayk Marketing - Online Marketing Experts

Why It Pays to Work with Nerds

Whether you need a full marketing plan or just a new site, how you choose a team probably has a lot to do with skillset, pricing, and other factors. Character and personality, however, make a huge difference. Here’s why a team of dedicated nerds will really get the job done. What Is a Nerd, Anyway?
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Why You Shouldn’t Search for Your Own Ads - Cayk Marketing - AdWords Campaigns Experts

Why You Shouldn’t Search for Your Own Ads

Some processes in marketing, like your ad campaigns, require more monetary investment than others. Because of this, it can be tempting to take a peek at how they’re doing. There are a few reasons why this should be avoided! Why View Your Own Ads? If there is a person searching for a company that provides
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The Internet in History

Much like telephones, cars, or other key pieces of technology, the internet is something you use regularly enough that you probably don’t often think about its origins. Let’s see if learning a bit of its history will provide us with some insight into how we use it to market our businesses. Early Glimpses It may
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What to Do If You Need More Business Now - Cayk Marketing - Digital Marketing Experts Canada

What to Do If You Need More Business Now

The success of your marketing plan and how quickly you get results depends on what tools you use and how. Some take time while others are more immediate. So what if you need results as soon as possible? Here are a few things you should consider. AdWords If you want to spark a boost in
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