The One Thing Missing From Many Social Media Marketing Plans

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Don’t have time to read? Email me this article

Social networking has gone from being a fun Internet pastime to a big business, with companies of all sizes participating in one way or another. But, as the profiles and memberships go up – and the tweets and updates along with them – it's easy to see that something is missing from a lot of social marketing plans.

It isn't time, special apps, or even budgets… it's personal attention.

Far too many organizations just aren't paying attention to their social accounts. They are treating them like pay-per-click ads, something to “set up” and then ignore forever. Unfortunately, doesn't work that way. Although you should certainly consider having a professional team help you with your social profiles, there are a few things that you should definitely pay personal attention to:

The topics being raised and being posted about. It's up to you to set the tone and direction for your business, and your social accounts. No one knows your industry and your market like you do, so make sure that you are at least the inspiration for the social your business is producing.

Your connections and followers. Your social network should begin with your close acquaintances and colleagues. From there, it's also important that you stay involved and be sure that you are making the right kinds of connections, so that you aren't just randomly joining groups and attracting fans who will never buy from you.

Personal notes and other follow-up. No one wants to take the time to write a personal email, only to have it followed up with a generic boilerplate note. Take care to respond to those who write to you personally, even if briefly.

It's easy to say that you don't have enough time to manage your social accounts yourself, but if you aren't personally involved in one way or another, then social media just becomes another generic marketing platform.

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