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Don’t Squash Your Designers Creative Will

When working with a creative designer or team, be very careful not to take away their will to be creative. Business owners often want to take control of the mouse simply because they feel that they know what’s best for their company.

However, there are many things to consider when designing a website for a business, and owners or managers may not have the proper amount of time required to consider all aspects of responsive website design. Here are a few ways you can avoid squashing your designer’s creative will so that you can get the most for your money:

Define Target Audience

Setting your designer up to succeed starts with helping him or her understand your target audience. Of course, you must be careful not to define your target audience too broadly, but you should ultimately give your designer the freedom to decide how your site will best be able to reach your desired audience.

Consider Conversion Goals

Before your designer begins overhauling your site, he or she must understand what your larger goals are for employing their services. Creating a fantastic user experience is a great, although broad, starting goal, but you must go into a bit more detail if you wish to give your designer a legitimate chance to succeed. A great tool for setting goals is the S.M.A.R.T system, which helps you define goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-based.

Create Focus Points from Sample Websites

When setting your designer loose to revamp your company website, he or she should have a set list of important points to reference as a guide. If you’ve recently perused a few competitor’s websites that you’ve enjoyed, don’t hesitate to give your designer a few sample websites to use as a desirable starting point for your own new site.

Listen to your Designer’s Recommendations

At the end of the day, you’ve hired a designer for his or her technical expertise. If you fail to listen to your designer’s recommendations, you really won’t be getting the most of what you’ve paid for. Experienced web designers come with a wealth of information that you shouldn’t take for granted.

Don’t Be Afraid to Revise

Being content with making multiple revisions is an essential element of any designer’s creative process. You honestly can’t expect to find a “perfect,” finished product on the first go-round. If something doesn’t sit quite right in your mind, don’t be afraid to demand revisions until you’re left with a product that satisfies your needs.

Make Sure Your Content is Engaging

One of the cardinal rules of creating an impactful website is that you must begin by creating engaging content. Content drive the Internet, and Bill Gates surely understood this when he proclaimed, “content is king.” When you hire a new website designer, take some time to map out a cohesive content strategy so that he or she can design your new site to accommodate your ongoing content plan.

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How Important is Speed: Do Websites that Load Quickly Gain an Advantage in Organic Search?

Does the speed of your website actually matter? Can you lose users’ interest due to incessantly slow load times? The answer to both of these questions is a definitive “yes!” Your website’s ability to load quickly is paramount to retaining interested users.

Quick-loading websites have been found to outperform slower sites on nearly every front, including search ranking, user experience, and user engagement. Websites that load faster also tend to deliver higher conversions and more significant revenue.

Finding Optimal Speed

While it’s obvious that a faster load time will benefit your site, it’s important to be realistic with your goals. If you can get your website to load in under 1 second, that’s great! If not, you should shoot for a load time of, at least, less than three seconds.

Even if your website needs seven seconds to load, you won’t lose significant attention from users. That being said, you’ll still benefit from improving that load time. If your website needs more than 10 seconds to load, you’ll notice a significant diminishment in the number of users visiting your site and the overall revenue you can accrue from mobile sales.

Interesting Facts About Load Times and User Behaviour

While people are typically comfortable with load times up to 10 seconds, you might be interested to know that an astoundingly high percentage of users, 47%, expect web pages to load in under two seconds. In addition, 57% percent of people that visit your website will leave if your page fails to load in three seconds or less.

Interestingly, a recent study also determined that 75 percent of online customers will opt for a competitor’s site as an alternative to waiting an inordinate amount of time for your website to load. On average, two seconds has been found to be the preferable wait time when allowing websites to load.

Some websites have benefited from installing a progress bar that notifies users of the website’s “percentage loaded.” Studies have actually shown that a well-designed progress bar can extend load wait times to a maximum of 38 seconds.

That being said, faster has unanimously been found to be better. In a larger study between websites that load in 1 second and those that take up to three seconds to load, those with longer wait times have been subject to a 50 percent higher bounce rate, 22 percent fewer page views, and, perhaps most importantly, 22 percent fewer conversions.

Google’s Recommendation

When ranking sites for its’ search engines, Google prefers wait times of one second or less. As the web continues to speed up, Google will continue to value websites with faster load times more highly than those that take too long to load.

Even for mobile devices, Google recommends that designers make sure their pages will load in less than one second. This ultimately helps to ensure that users don’t abandon web pages because of their inability to deliver content in a timely fashion.

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Why Responsive Internet Marketing Is Only Getting Bigger

Although we were amongst the first Calgary Internet marketing firms to adopt the concept of responsive marketing campaigns, we expect many others are going to follow our example soon. That isn’t just because clients love responsive marketing, or even because of the incredible results we’ve been able to generate for the companies we work with.

The biggest reason responsive Internet marketing is only getting bigger is because the current rate of change in the industry demands it.

To put things another way, search, social media, and online advertising are all evolving at an accelerating rate. Whereas you used to be able to update your website once every few years and stay current, the best practices and strategies now can shift in just a few months. It isn’t enough to simply make a plan and hope for the best – smart companies are anticipating things to look different in the future and knowing that they’ll need to adapt.

In today’s digital world, the choice for companies of all sizes isn’t whether to keep up or not, it’s whether to keep growing and evolving or disappear. Just as there aren’t really many businesses or industries that can thrive without a strong web presence anymore, it may soon be the case that even local retail shops will need to be savvy with things like mobile marketing, local search engine optimization, social media interactions, and reputation management.

All of this change points to responsive Internet marketing that shifts with new tactics and goals on a monthly or quarterly basis. It’s taken a lot of companies – and more than a few Calgary web designers – a while to adjust to this trend, but it’s likely that responsive marketing will soon be the default way of doing business, not a new option.

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5 High-ROI Internet Marketing Tools for 2014

In a recent post, we reminded business owners and executives that Internet marketing plans should consist of a lot more than a simple checklist of items to do or try. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain ingredients that almost every business should be taking advantage of.

To help you ensure you aren’t missing out on any of the basics, here are five high-ROI Internet marketing tools for 2014:

1. Standout web design. Does the quality of your web design still matter, at a time when everyone has a professionally created business website? It matters even more, for those same reasons. Great design still stands out, and you want your web layout to attract attention from customers.

2. SEO. Even though search engine optimization is undergoing some changes, Google is still your most important source of leads and targeted traffic.

3. Social media. Using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can create new relationships with key decision-makers and increase brand loyalty at a very low cost.

4. Responsive web design. Responsive websites add mobile web compatibility to your business, which is something no organization can afford to ignore. More and more buyers are going mobile, so your company should be ready.

5. Email marketing. With a strong email marketing campaign, you can keep in touch with your most important customers, alert them of any new products and specials, and remain on the top of their minds when they have a need for what you have to sell.

While some of these Internet marketing methods have been around for a while, and others are relatively new, they are all different and effective in their own way. So, make sure you’re not missing out on anything important this year, and call us today if you have questions on putting these tactics to work for you.

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