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Is Email Marketing Really Dead?

Things have changed a lot since the '90s, and the way we use email is no exception. Many people are quick to assume that things like have rendered redundant, but is this truly the case?

Out of Fashion

If email marketing was all the rage back in the late '90s, why has focus shifted to other resources? The short answer: engagement. In email marketing, as with most outbound marketing situations, there's not much two-way dialogue going on between a user and a business. The proverbial “do not reply to this email” notice is pretty emblematic of this. Fundamentally, this makes the user feel as though they have little control over the experience they're having. Social media, interactive , and responsive web design have cast a shadow over email because they instil a sense of mutual engagement in the user experience.

Redeeming Qualities

That being said, keep in mind that not all technologies truly “die.” Certain ways of utilizing them will come and go, but you'd be surprised how well a tool can maintain relevance if you reshape it in response to changing times. A good direct campaign will take advantage of the customizability, time/cost effectiveness, and personal nature of email. A message containing pushy promotional language will of course turn potential customers against you, but the same is true for website copy and social media posts. As in any other context, well-composed and useful information is a powerful ally. Think of each email as a web page sent to the inbox of your subscribers: with good links and content, a single message can be a hub for the latest developments in your business.

Considering All Resources

It's also useful to consider how one technology affects the potential of another, regardless of perceived relevance. From there, you can shape your strategies around the relationships between seemingly unrelated resources. For instance, when you remember how many users access their email through their smartphones — not to mention how much of our interaction with the Internet has come to be determined by mobile technology in general — you just might rethink the supposed irrelevance of this time-tested and versatile tool!

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