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The Three Easiest Things to Change in Internet Marketing

Earlier this month, we asked you to consider whether your 2013 marketing was a success or not, and specifically whether or not you have reached your biggest goals. We recommend that, if you didn’t, you look at different elements of your plan and see if you can find areas for improvement.

You might be wondering what those actual areas for improvement would look like. That’s going to change from one company or situation to the next, of course, but in general there are three things that are usually easiest to change in Internet marketing, and that lead to the biggest changes in results:

1. Your budget and commitment. Although you don’t have to spend a fortune on Internet marketing to make it work, you do have to make a healthy investment, in terms of your budget and schedule (at least initially). Trying to do everything with nothing is rarely a blueprint for success.

2. Your message and sales strategy. Sometimes, you can do all the right things and have them fail to work simply because you’re trying to sell the wrong things to the wrong people. In other words, if your unique selling proposition is out of line with what your customers actually want or need, you’re making things harder than they have to be.

3. The Internet marketing team you’re working with. Of course, it needs to be pointed out that, if the first two elements are in place, the issue might be with your team of advisers. Are they making helpful suggestions for the future? Are you listening to those suggestions?And finally, do you think you could get better advice and guidance elsewhere?

If you’re feeling very underwhelmed by the results you’ve gotten from business web design and Internet marketing in the past, there’s a good chance you need to change at least one of these three variables. Otherwise, you’re likely to end up repeating the same campaigns again and again… with the same disappointing results.

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How to Make Internet Marketing More Effective Without Spending More Money

Traditionally speaking, trying new things in your online marketing plan – or aiming for bigger results – has meant spending more money. There just didn’t used to be any way around it: If you wanted something bigger or different, you were probably going to have to pay for it.

But, what if there was a better way to manage Internet marketing that made it easier to not only get better results, but work them into your marketing budget?

Here at CAYK®, we have been focusing our efforts for the past few years on responsive Internet marketing, which is a way for clients to pay a set, regular fee for our services, even though the tools and activities we put to use for them might change over time. In short, it really does allow us to give them more without a bigger expense. Here’s how:

First, we study your marketing goals. Every good Internet marketing effort begins with an understanding of where you are at the moment, and where you would like your business to be in the future. Developing any kind of plan before that would be a waste of time.

Then, we form a plan of action. Once we know what you’re actually trying to accomplish, we can start to put the tools and steps in place to make things happen. This is where things like blog posts, social updates, Internet advertising, and email marketing come into play.

Later, we review your progress and add or subtract new ideas as needed. Because needs and goals change over time, your Internet marketing campaigns should change with them. And so, at regular intervals, we get together to see how things are going – and what topics or areas we need to concentrate on going forward.

One thing you might notice, other than the fact that this represents a new way of thinking, is that a responsive marketing effort allows you to concentrate effort and resources where they really matter now – in other words, to get more from your Internet marketing without increasing your budget or commitment.

Want to learn more about responsive marketing and how we find the right mix of tools for your company? Call us today and arrange for a free appointment.