Common Myths of SEO

What exactly SEO involves and how it is used has changed in many ways over the years. Therefore, it’s only natural that there are a number misconceptions about it. If you’re not careful, they can lead you astray, so here are a few that are particularly common and worth busting.

Keywords Are the Center of the SEO Universe

As Google and the nature of content have both evolved since the late ‘90s, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your content needs to be of the utmost quality and utility, reading not like a pile of keywords to be crawled by Google, but an intelligent assemblage of ideas and valuable information.

It’s a Purely Technical Task

It may seem that formulating your site for optimal search ranking falls entirely under the territory of a tech person. The truth is, however, that SEO isn’t just about the data or the analytics. You’d be surprised how intuitive, engaging, and enjoyable it can be to work in close collaboration with your marketing expert to shape the online image and visibility of your company.

It’s a One-Shot Procedure

It’s not uncommon to encounter businesses who assume that the act of optimization begins and ends. It’s not like building a site or designing a logo. It’s an ongoing process that shifts and evolves as moves forward. It also takes time! Think of it as watering a plant. Even after your plant finally grows, it won’t stay alive without the attention and care that it needs!

Good AdWords Leads to Good SEO

Some believe it’s an intuitive leap to assume that a well-conducted PPC campaign will improve organic search rankings. This is a pretty big error. Both technically and strategically, your investment of money into advertising and time into SEO are very separate processes. They carry their own significance, benefits, and set of results.

It’s All About #1

Being determined to rank #1 for the most popular search term in your industry will both consume too much of your time and, most likely, detract from your overall search performance. Ranking highly for a large number of long-tail search terms which refer to more specific pieces of information in your content will be much more helpful to your visitors and more beneficial to your ranking.

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