Why do I have to pay for support?

Don’t have time to read? Email me this article
Don’t have time to read? Email me this article

If your website needs repairs and maintenance, a fee may be assessed by our help desk when you open a support ticket. After your website exceeds its warranty period, (typically 90 days from site live) fees for support will apply unless your company has a service agreement or a support plan in place.

But you built the site… why do I have to pay you to fix it?

Just like buying a car, when you buy a website it is your property. When your car is no longer under warranty you will have to pay for repairs. From day one of vehicle ownership, you will likely have to pay for tires, oil changes and service and maintenance. The same scenario applies to website ownership.

But seriously… you built it, now fix it.

We have always provided support and maintenance to our clients (for over 20 years actually). The only way we can remain in business and be available to serve your company is to charge a reasonable amount for service.

I pay for my website hosting and email services through you guys… so please just fix my website.

Hosting and email services are not related to the maintenance and repairs of your website. Hosting fees cover the cost of keeping your website’s computing environment live on the internet and for running the mail server itself so that you can use your email. Website maintenance is unrelated to hosting and email services.

My website was working fine for ___ years and now it is not. This is your issue and I insist that you fix it.

We refer to this as an outside influence and as website developers and website hosts we cannot be held responsible for outside influences. Outside influences are, for example, when a servers operation system is updated and it deprecates code used in your website. Most people have experienced outside influences with their own computers in the past. Do you remember when Microsoft would do a big update to an operating system and then other software on your computer stopped working? The same thing can happen on a web server when a big update occurs and can impact how a website works – even to the point of breaking it.

Sometimes websites get “hacked” by cybercriminals. This is also an outside influence that is beyond the control of a website developer or host.

We Hope that this helps 

Please feel free to open a support ticket by calling us at 403-456-0072.

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