Your Social Strategy Needs You!

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Don’t have time to read? Email me this article

A good strategy is all about engagement. This doesn't just mean encouraging engagement from your audience, it means that your company needs to be actively engaged in the strategy itself. We can take care of those daily tweets, but your presence is essential too!

Our Role and Yours

Everything about your marketing plan is a collaborative effort. There are plenty of more technical responsibilities that we'll have covered, but in a number of cases, any marketing strategy needs a personal touch in order to truly represent the business and its brand. That personal touch can only come from you and your staff. Our job is to keep day-to-day maintenance in order and ensure that you're part of the conversation, but the real beauty of a social strategy lies in the opportunity it gives you and your employees to express yourselves!

Why Is It Important?

It's certainly possible to run a business with a few social media accounts that are operated completely by your marketing team and consist of a few basic posts a week. This, however, will introduce a number of problems. For one, the variety and substance of your posts will suffer, offering followers little that stands out from the rest. Even more importantly, your profiles will convey a sense that presence and communication aren't particularly important to you. Any audience can tell when you're detached from your online community, and once they do, they'll be far more likely to go to a company that they know will be there for them.

Great Ways to Engage

Social media can really bring out the fun and creativity of any team. It also provides a level of transparency to your company that allows others to see what a great job you do. Sharing a selfie of you and a happy client with your followers can really elevate the way you're perceived as a business, especially when combined with positive reviews. Your staff also play an important role. Share photos during a staff birthday, or even a photo of your team in your newly decorated office during a holiday. Your company has character, and so should your social profiles!

How engaged are you in your company's social media interactions? You've got plenty of responsibilities, but maintaining a balanced level of engagement is something we at CAYK help Calgary businesses with every day. Call (403) 456-0072 to see how we can help you!

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