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The Best Companies Sell Feelings, Not Products

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Don’t have time to read? Email me this article

Most of our buying decisions are controlled by our emotional mind and are influenced by our emotions more than logic. Believe it or not, nowadays people tend to buy feelings- not products! This may sound strange to someone who sells products and services but customers are always looking for products that make them feel a particular way. Successful brands and companies are able to tap into the importance of human emotion in order to create connections with consumers.


Understanding What Your Customer Wants


Many consumers want to feel a certain way whether it is to be trendy, safe, inspired, or confident (among other feelings). It is important for marketers to decide how they want their customers to feel after interacting with their brand or using their products. Everyone has needs and problems that can create negative emotions if those needs are left unresolved and marketers can find solutions by understanding those needs.


A good marketing strategy will focus on understanding what problems are customers facing and what their idea of solutions are. It is important to understand what drives them to buy your products and services.


A consumer’s needs and desires go past the basic human needs that we all experience. These needs, in turn, can create indicators in our everyday experiences and as consumers, we are attempting to solve them regularly. Consumer needs are an important element to understand because this approach will be a significant driver in your marketing efforts. The human touch is important to sustain an ongoing commitment and this can be done through the brand’s writing, services, design, logo, and message. This can be an answer to consumers’ problems and will direct the emotions that steer them to purchase your products and services. 


Emotional Branding- Sell Feelings, Not Products

Emotional branding is the process of creating a relationship between a customer and a product or brand by appealing to their emotions. Advertisers and marketers can achieve this by creating that engages the customer’s emotions, ego, needs, and desires.

When a company sells feelings, it treats its consumers like people rather than buyers and provides them with storytelling and a feeling of shared community. Along with that, the company inspires customers to have aspirations, and helps them to fulfill those aspirations. By understanding human emotion, companies become part of the customers’ experiences and memories. When consumers are emotionally hooked by the brand, they will most likely not seek a replacement product or service and keep coming back to the product that they associate fond memories with. When emotions can be powerful enough to influence buying decisions, you can be confident that it has at some point been the focus of a brand’s emotional marketing.

The Best Companies Show Empathy


To attract customers, you have to appear empathetic and this is where marketing comes into play. In order to maintain a loyal customer base, you will need to sell more than just the product. For example, Mercedes sells status and prestige, Apple sells exclusivity, and Gucci sells luxury. What these companies sell have one thing in common- they sell the feelings that are associated and evoked with the image of their products. Ultimately, it is not just the product that motivates the customer to make a buying decision; it is the feeling that the product brings in the pursuit of fulfilling the customers’ desires.


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