Social Platforms & Demographics: Who to Reach and How

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Your social networking strategy is the most direct, personal, and transparent way you have of engaging with the community surrounding your business. The success of this strategy depends largely on how well you understand your social demographics. Let's take a look at how best to approach this.

The Platforms

Which people use which platforms? This information is not only commonly accessible but also highly informative. Gender, age group, income bracket, and the device most commonly used to access the platform are all determiners you should be looking at. This allows you to narrow your efforts on the platforms that are most relevant to the people seeking your product or service. It's not uncommon to see businesses spreading their efforts too thin across too many platforms, using precious time and resources unwisely and failing to get results. Devoting some time to pinpointing just the right platforms will improve the quality — not just quantity — of your reach.

Content & Engagement

Once you know your optimal platforms, how do you keep that target audience locked in? In order to maintain followers and gain new ones, you need to keep everyone engaged and interested. In other words, you have to know what they like! What forms of is your demographic most likely to respond to? While you might associate the creation of content with your blog, there's a critical synergy between it and your social profiles. Consider what ideas and issues your audience might relate to the most, as well as what style and tone of writing is appropriate for them. This information will serve you well when you post updates, comments, and links to your blog or external material.

The Analytics

If you've found your demographic, are using the right platforms, and are keeping your profiles alive on a regular basis with well-targeted content and engagement, your next course of action should be to analyze the results. Each platform will offer you tools to get a good picture of who is engaging the most and how well certain posts are doing over others. One of the most common examples is Facebook's Competitive Analysis Report. Depending on how well you interpret this information, you should be able to make corrections to your strategy and build an even further refined understanding of your demographics!

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