Why is Blogging So Important for SEO?

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You can probably tell that we love our blog. This might lead you to wonder why we see it as such an indispensible tool. Even if you have a general idea of how high-quality can help your search ranking, there are a few reasons that you may not be aware of.

The Keyword Misconception

Remember in our previous blog when we mentioned that packing keywords into your content doesn't fly? It may have worked once upon a time, but it's in 's best interest to provide users with genuine answers to their queries. As such, they've adapted their algorithms over time to reward the use of relevant long-tail key terms and phrases. Why? Because if the ideas in the blog are actually valuable, the user has found the site they truly need.

The Importance of New Information

This point is rather intuitive but often overlooked. Producing a steady stream of fresh information is highly advisable for a number of reasons. Firstly, search engines tend to prioritize pages that have recently posted content relevant to the query. Secondly, if your blog remains dynamic and alive, your site as a whole will gain a reputation as a reliable and relevant source of information on your subjects. That means your visitors will be more likely to share and link back to you, improving your SEO even further. Of course, other users don't need to be the only ones linking back to you. A stream of fresh content means an opportunity to link to your site with new posts and provide fuel for engagement.

Variety is the Spice of Life

When we say “content” what exactly do we mean? Your blog would hardly be a blog without written information, but is this all there is to it? Not even close! A blog will only amp up your SEO to its full potential if the forms of information you provide are as varied as possible. Want those posts to show up in Google image search results? You'll need some images. How about video results? Likewise. This is one of the reasons why intuitive infographics are so popular. Get creative and fuse the utility of the written word with the attractiveness of visual media. This is what many high-ranking sites have in common!

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