Myths of Social Media Marketing

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There's a lot of advice out there on the uses of . Unfortunately, not all of it is completely accurate and this can lead to many misconceptions! Here are a few examples so we can help you set the record straight.

No Need for a Website or Blog

If everyone's on social media, there's no need for a website or blog, right? Wrong. Firstly, intensive use of social media isn't totally universal, despite popular assumptions. Secondly, a hub for your and expertise is one of the surest signs of a business that has their act together and can offer an engaging experience. The time-tested website is still a central standard for how people interact with organizations and professionals online.

You're Working in the Dark

There's no reliable way to tell how much return you're getting for your effort, right? Wrong again. Many people feel discouraged results aren't completely obvious, but if you stay sharp, they will be measurable and actionable. For example, examine what platforms most of your site traffic is coming from and use this to calculate where most of your conversions are coming from. As with any form of marketing, there's no promise of instant gratification. It all takes time and effort.

You Should Treat it as a Sales Pitch

Social media is excellent for reaching lots of people, so it's basically a megaphone, right? Incorrect! It's a mistake to think of your platforms only as advertising tools. While they can be, your content should not add up to a glorified catalogue. Your audience needs to know you have something practical to offer in the form of great information. You should always have a message to convey, one that benefits your community in a recognizable way.

There's a Universal Method

This is one of the most important assumptions to avoid. It's a far better idea to keep an open mind than to look for a one-size-fits-all solution. Your work and your industry are full of nuance, and so are the tools that you use to succeed. Expand your understanding of your audience and the platforms at hand, and you'll be rewarded in the long term!

If you're hoping to sift through all the myths and get straight to the facts, CAYK is here to help. Our expertise has served us well, and it could serve you well too! Give us a call today at (403) 456-0072.

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