Who Do I Need? Copywriter Vs. Technical Writer

copywriter vs technical writer
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High-quality can nurture leads, generate revenue, and build a loyal audience of subscribers. When done well, content generates a significant return on investment and leads to business growth. While both copywriting and technical writing involve the production of written content, they serve different purposes, styles, and audiences while requiring distinct skill sets.

Businesses sometimes are confused about what kind of writer to hire, and if they even need to hire a writer! This will provide a summary of the different deliverables that copywriters vs. technical writers offer, and how you can determine which type of writing style your business goals require.

What Does A Technical Writer Do?

In the most basic of terms, a technical writer explains what a product does and how to use it. A technical writer's work doesn't involve any sales writing or the use of marketing strategies. The goal of technical writers is to encourage post-sale support and showcase how the product works after the customer has bought it. Technical writers create user manuals, product specifications, industry documents, reference guides, standard operating procedures, instructional web pages, and online help systems among other written forms of content.

Essentially, you need a copywriter if you require the documentation of technology products, software, apps, or technical services for users with specifications, reference guides, and how-to manuals. A technical writer will be useful to you if you require a focus on post-sale support written materials. Technical writers do not utilize any sales writing techniques, keyword research, or marketing strategies.

What Does A Copywriter Do?

A copywriter specializes in creating written content for various marketing and advertising materials. The main purpose of a copywriter is to persuade and engage the target audience to follow a specific action such as purchasing a product, signing up for a service, or clicking on a website link. Copywriters produce written materials across different media platforms such as print, digital, and broadcast and their work can be found in advertisements, website content, , , brochures and catalogues, direct mail, and video scripts among many other types of content.

You need a copywriter if your business requires presenting non-technical products or services to prospective customers in an engaging, creative, and appealing way. Their writing and messaging will persuade the audience to purchase the products that your company is marketing.

Do I Need A Copywriter Or A Technical Writer?

Determining whether you need a copywriter vs. a technical writer depends on the nature of the content you require. Consider the type of audience the content is aiming towards, what the purpose of the content will be, and what type of project goals there are. However, in some cases, a hybrid approach might be necessary where both a copywriter and a technical writer are required to handle the different elements of the project.

When you hire someone to write for your business, it is necessary to keep in mind that they will be the voice of your brand so take the necessary time to read their work and observe if their writing style and tone will create the right impression for your business.

You will need a copywriter if your business wants to promote a product or service, create marketing materials, or tell a compelling brand story to help craft your brand's narrative. A technical writer on the other hand will be useful to communicate complex information and explain technical information such as software documentation, user manuals, technical reports, or instructional guides.

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