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3 Conversations You Never Have to Have With Agile Internet Marketing

Have you had an awkward, uncomfortable, or downright frustrating conversation with your web design and Internet marketing team? In our interviews with new clients, we find that most business owners and executives have. In fact, that’s often what has led them to us in the first place.

We believe that a lot of these interactions stem from the wrong philosophy on how marketing teams and their clients work together. To show you why, here are three things you never have to say to your creative partner when you have an agile marketing plan in place:

1. “I don’t know what it is we’re actually paying for.” It surprisingly common for businesses to pay invoices to creative companies even though they don’t really understand where that money is going. With agile marketing, you’ll meet with your vendor regularly to make sure you have input on the plan you’re investing in.

2. “How is what we are doing in line with our goals?” The distinguishing feature of agile marketing plans is that they change and adapt over time. That means that as your goals shift and evolve, your marketing plan changes right along with them.

3. “It seems like we should be trying more new things.” Along the same lines, agile marketing plans allow you to take advantage of new ideas while continuing to emphasize strategies that have worked in the past. Why not take advantage of new trends while emphasizing your strengths, too?

Agile marketing works extraordinarily well for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it puts creative agencies and their clients together on the same side of the table, working towards the same goals.

Isn’t it time you found out what agile marketing could do for your business? Call CAYK® today for a free Calgary Internet marketing consultation.

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The Worst Way to Think About Internet Marketing in 2013

There is a very common way of developing Internet marketing plans, and if you follow it, the results are probably strangling your business slowly…


It goes something like this: The client (usually a business owner or executive) seeks out a Calgary web design company and gets a new site along with a list of activities designed to drive traffic. In the short term, things look good, and sales start to trend in the right direction.


Over time, though, the same old established tactics stop working the way they did before. Eventually, the client becomes frustrated, finds a new web design partner to work with, and starts the whole process over again from the beginning.


The reason that things like this tend to work for a limited time, if at all, is because the focus is put on a list of activities to try, rather than a real goal that’s trying to be achieved. In other words, all the attention is paid to things like ads and blog posts, but the approach never changes from one quarter or year to the next. And so, once the competitive landscape has shifted a little bit, or customer preferences start to be a little bit different, results move in the wrong direction.


Smart Calgary web design companies have learned the hard way that this sort of plan never works the way it’s supposed to over time. And so, businesses like ours are adopting a newer, smarter approach called agile marketing.


It works on a different premise: Instead of promising a certain activity, we meet regularly with our clients to find out what sort of results they want to generate, with the understanding that these goals and targets might change over time. As they do, we shift our thinking and resources to best meet their current challenges, not a set of goals that were relevant years ago.


Simply making a plan and blindly following it for years is a prescription for Internet marketing failure. Call us today and let us explain how agile marketing can help your business grow.