What are Google Display Ads?

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Display ads are a type of online advertisement that combines text, images and a URL (online address). They link to a website where a user learns about/buys a product/service. Display ads can be static or animated, videos or rich media (changing text). Their purpose is to attract users to a website, platform or other digital medium and to encourage the users to take a specific action (make a purchase, download , fill out a form, sign up for a newsletter, etc.). Display ads are placed on sites relevant to the product/service and the target audience. Most display ads are set up on a cost-per-click basis; each time a user clicks on the ad, the company that's advertising is charged. 

What are google display ads?

Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google. Advertisers bid to display ads, service offers, product listings and/or videos to web users. Google Ads places ads in the results of search engines and on non-search websites, mobile apps and videos. When you use Google Display Ads you can serve your ads on the Google Display Network, a collection of over two million websites that reach approximately 90% of internet users across the globe. These ads have great potential, allowing you to introduce your brand to an enormous number of possible customers. Targeting is possible with the Google Display Network, enabling you to show your ads in particular contexts (outdoor lifestyles, exercise equipment, etc.) and to particular audiences (young moms, people shopping for a car, etc.). 

Google display ad sizes and  formats:

  • Uploaded display ads: Uploaded ads are created outside of Google Ads using a tool like Google Web Designer. They're uploaded as a zip file, GIF, JPG or PNG into Google Ads. When you build and upload your own display ads, you have complete control of the creatives for your Display Network campaigns. Optimize your exposure by uploading different-sized versions of each ad. 
  • Responsive display ads: Not interested in creating your own ads from scratch? Provide your visuals (images, logo, videos) and basic ad copy. Google will test combinations to determine which version performs best. Responsive display ads automatically adjust the size to meet the requirements of specific pages. 

How can my company use the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network helps advertisers find the right audience through targeting options that show their message to potential customers at the right place and at the right time. A brand can use Google Display ads to:

  • Find new customers: Using audience segments (similar segments, in-market segments) Google Display ads help a brand find prospective customers by targeting people interested in the company's products/services. 
  • Engage existing customers: Data segments assist a brand in re-engaging users who previously visited their site. 
  • Drive conversions using automation: Google's automated targeting boosts conversions by identifying high-performing audience segments based on a brand's existing audiences/landing pages. Google Ads automatically optimizes over time, learning which audience segments work for your business. 

Benefits of Google Display Ads:

There are a number of unique benefits that Google Display Ads offer. Google Ads:

  • Differentiate your brand: The visual imagery of Google Display ads helps separate your business from the pack, providing an opportunity to establish and distinguish your brand. 
  • Build brand awareness: The widespread exposure provided by the Google Display Network provides brand awareness, making sure purchasers hear/learn about your product/service. 
  • Improve the performance of your other marketing campaigns: When people are familiar with your brand through the Google Display Network, they are more likely to click on/engage with all your marketing campaigns (search ads, social ads, etc.). 
  • Use retargeting to improve results: Google's retargeting display ads target users based on their interactions with your website. You can target a user who viewed your product/service but didn't purchase with a display ad highlighting that product/service. Retargeting ads increase a brand's search queries, click-through rate and conversions. 
  • Reach users in multiple places: Google display campaigns reach people worldwide, allowing your company to expand your reach beyond Google Search.
  • Build campaigns based on your company's goals: With Google Display ads, you can drive sales, leads and website traffic and/or build awareness and consideration for your business, product or service.
  • Are easy to use: Google Display ads use machine learning solutions for targeting, bidding and formatting helping you reach new and/or existing audiences and delivering results with ease.  
  • Optimize your targeting: Find the best-performing audience segments that include potential customers with the highest likelihood. 
  • Utilize smart bidding: Use machine learning to optimize for conversions or conversion value in every auction, saving time and improving performance.
  • Track your results. After launching your display ad campaign, monitor the number of clicks, determine when a prospect converted into a client, identify on which platform conversion took place and reveal the most effective advertisements. Use this data to improve your future campaigns and invest in successful strategies.

Google display ad best practices:

Following are some of the best practices a brand can implement to maximize their returns on Google Display ads. 

  • Utilize top-performing search keywords: Often, a small number of keywords drive low-cost clicks/conversions on the search network. Use these keywords on the display network. 
  • Employ bid adjustments: Running a display campaign provides data regarding which keywords perform well and which audiences are doing poorly. Set your bid adjustments (ad group and/or campaign level) to turn these performance judgments into a strategy. It's an effective way to boost your gains from top performers and cut your losses from poor performers.
  • Examine referral traffic: Google Analytics provides useful information including a referral traffic report which gives you information regarding which websites are linking to yours and also cater to people that can benefit from your product/service. These are the perfect locations for your ads to reach relevant audiences.
  • Emphasize your value proposition: To avoid having prospects scroll past your display ads, your ads need to grab attention. Visual aesthetics (colour, typography, etc.) are important but so is your value proposition, the benefits prospects enjoy when they become your customer (confidence, attractiveness, happiness, etc.). Create a proposition that accurately represents your products/services and makes it clear why you're the best choice. Go deep into the problems you want to solve for buyers and what makes your product or service the perfect solution.
  • Focus on headlines: When writing responsive display ads, you'll be prompted to write a short headline, a long headline, a description and your business name. As there is no guarantee that your headline will be accompanied by your description, ensure your headlines are sufficient on their own. They need to communicate the unique value of your product/service/offering.

Google Display Ads offer expansive reach! They're cost-effective, flexible, increase sales, generate high-quality leads, boost traffic, influence purchasing decisions and build brand awareness. Utilize them as a cornerstone of your digital marketing campaign. 

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