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Is Your Calgary Internet Marketing Company Changing With You?

Several years ago, a monumental shift took place in the Calgary web design industry: Companies like ours started realizing websites alone weren’t enough, and began offering bundled Internet marketing packages to clients. Since then, designers and business leaders alike have come to see that it takes a lot of different elements, working together, for a website to be
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Two Things Clients Love About Responsive Marketing

More and more Calgary businesses are turning to us for responsive marketing, and it’s no surprise – since we started rolling out these programs, owners and executives have seen it as a smarter way to accomplish their bottom-line goals. That’s because responsive marketing focuses on what you need for a given period of time, which can change and evolve, rather than working towards a certain number of web pages or blog posts, for example.

Is Agile Marketing Hard to Understand?

For clients who have been with us for a number of years, or those coming from relationships with other business web design companies, the concept of agile marketing can be hard to understand. It involves a different way of approaching Internet marketing services. Instead of a contract that outlines which services or packages you’ll get for your fee, it has a more variable feel – the exact mix of products or activities might change over time.

New Report on Social Media Users in Canada

As an online marketing agency, it’s no surprise that more and more Canadians are logging in to social media. This is great news for business owners who have recognized and accepted this reality and are using social media to extend their real-world relationships with their customers. According to the study by Media Technology Monitor: One
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How Consistent is Your Online Marketing?

The conventional approach to Online marketing usually looks something like this: try something, improve upon it until it’s profitable, and then add in another element. That makes a lot of sense, especially in today’s world, where Banner ads, downloadable documents, pay-per-click offers, and even mobile marketing are all mainstream ways to introduce yourself to new
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Is Your Scheduled Twitter Feed a Marketing Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Twitter can be a wonderful tool for communicating with lots of different customers and colleagues all at once, with the added bonus that followers can re-tweet your messages to their contacts, magnifying your marketing and PR reach with every message. The only problem? Logging onto Twitter can be time-intensive and inconvenient, something that’s easy to
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The Biggest Myth of Social Media Marketing

There are a lot of misconceptions around social media marketing. It isn’t unusual to find business owners and managers, for example, who think that setting up a Facebook profile is enough to double their online sales (it isn’t). Similarly, it isn’t unheard of to speak with new clients who think that having a few thousand
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What Makes Social Media Marketing So Great

From our side of the desk, in one of Canada’s fastest-growing online marketing companies, the new advertising opportunities that are popping up on social media sites are very exciting. In many ways, tools like sponsored tweets and pay per click ads on Facebook remind us of the early days of search engines. That is, we
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