How Consistent is Your Online Marketing?

Don’t have time to read? Email me this article
Don’t have time to read? Email me this article

The conventional approach to Online marketing usually looks something like this: try something, improve upon it until it's profitable, and then add in another element. That makes a lot of sense, especially in today's world, where Banner ads, downloadable documents, pay-per-click offers, and even mobile marketing are all mainstream ways to introduce yourself to new buyers.

However, this “try everything” philosophy has a downside. As all of these different ads, campaigns, promotions, and websites are put into the mix together, they sometimes begin to have a disjointed feel. That is, because they are created at different times (and sometimes with different conversion goals) they don't have a consistent brand or feel that runs through them.

That's not necessarily a big deal, so long as the campaigns themselves or profitable, but it also prevents marketers from making the kind of impact that they could. After all, if you have defined your target market tightly enough, each of these campaigns should be targeting the same group of people – meaning that they'll hear from you in a lot of different formats.

Rather than using each piece as a standalone marketing effort, why not tie them together with consistent elements like:

Color schemes. One reason companies like to stick with the same color schemes (and font combinations) again and again is that they create subtle impression each time a potential buyer sees them.

Offers and discounts. Likewise, the more times you make a specific offer, the more likely buyers are to remember them, or respond when they see them in the future.

Tone and voice. Every business should have an identity that they present to their potential customers. By sticking with a consistent tone and voice from one message to the next, you give buyers a sense of what your business is about, and what kind of customer you're trying to attract.

The more consistent your is from one ad, campaign, or promotion to the next, the more long-term value you're going to get out of each, since you're going beyond simple offers and into the territory of building a brand.

It takes a lot more thought to engage in branding through several types of media, but it's also smart business. Why not let the Calgary marketing team at CAYK® show you what we've been able to do for other businesses in Western Canada like yours?

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